Windows Copilot: Your Personal AI Assistant in Windows 11

Windows Copilot: Your Personal AI Assistant in Windows 11

Are you ready to take your Windows 11 experience to a whole new level? Say hello to Windows Copilot, your very own digital sidekick designed to make your tasks easier and your computing life more enjoyable.

Back in May at the Build conference, Microsoft teased with the idea of Copilot, and now, it's finally here! 

So, what's new in Build 22631.2129 and how can you get started? Let's break it down for you: 

1. Preview Launch 

Windows Copilot is now in preview mode, available to Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel through a controlled feature rollout. This is just the beginning, with more functionalities coming in future previews. 

To get started, just click on the new button on the taskbar (or WIN + C) to launch Windows Copilot. Windows Copilot will use the same Microsoft account (MSA) or Azure Active Directory (AAD) account used to sign-in to Windows. 

Windows Copilot will appear as a side bar docked to the right where it won’t overlap with your desktop content and will run unobstructed alongside your open app windows, allowing you to interact with Windows Copilot anytime you need. 

2. Ask questions 

In this first preview, you can ask Windows Copilot a range of questions or to take actions such as: 

·       “Change to dark mode.” 

·       “Turn on do not disturb.” 

·       “Take a screenshot” 

·       “Summarize this website” (Active tab in Microsoft Edge) 

·       “Write a story about a dog who lives on the moon.” 

·       “Make me a picture of a serene koi fishpond with lily pads.” 

Just click the “…” icon at the top right of the side bar in Windows Copilot to submit feedback on any issues you run into. 

With Windows Copilot, the future of Windows 11 is brighter than ever. Embrace the power of AI assistance and get ready to be amazed! 

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