We Can Fortify India's Cyber Defences Through Collective Vigilance And Proactive Measures: Trend Micro

We Can Fortify India's Cyber Defences Through Collective Vigilance And Proactive Measures: Trend Micro

The Cyber Safety Review Board's (CSRB) latest report has brought to light a recent Chinese hack that targeted and compromised the email accounts of prominent U.S. government officials. This breach underscores the ongoing challenges posed by cyber threats to national security and the integrity of sensitive government communications.

Commenting on the cyber landscape, Himanshu Kumar Gupta, Senior Director for Government, Sales and Channels at Trend Micro, India & SAARC said, “Cyberattacks targeting government officials pose a dual threat to individual privacy and national security, amplifying the urgency for robust cybersecurity measures. Recent trends, exemplified by Cert-IN's advisory, underscore the escalating sophistication of malicious actors, with incidents ranging from social media account takeovers to high-profile data breaches, such as those involving the critical infrastructure and key Government departments. These incidents highlight the critical need for proactive cybersecurity strategies. India's progress in cybersecurity, evidenced by initiatives like the Cyber Surakshit Bharat program and international collaborations such as the Global Cooperation and Training Framework, is commendable. However, the evolving nature of cyber threats and techniques of hackers demands continuous innovation and adaptation.”

He further added, “Trend Micro remains at the forefront of combating such threats, offering cutting-edge solutions to shield government systems and their digital infrastructure from breaches, intrusions, cloud attacks, and other security threats, while also enhancing attack surface visibility. Trend Vision One, backed by our platform-based approach, is a comprehensive security solution that extends beyond traditional antivirus software. Additionally, it provides a dashboard that offers extensive visibility into your risk profile, ensuring the integrity of government operations and preserving public trust.”

“As we navigate this complex landscape, it is imperative for government and industry leaders to collaborate with cybersecurity experts like Trend Micro. By leveraging our advanced technologies and expertise, both on the network as well as the user side, we can fortify India's cyber defences through collective vigilance and proactive measures, we can mitigate cyber risks and uphold the public interest in an increasingly digital world. As we strive to build a resilient cybersecurity infrastructure tailored to specific sectoral challenges, we are paving the way for a secure digital future for India. Yet, this journey is ongoing, and our destination is one where every citizen, every entity, stands as an active guardian of our digital frontiers—a collective force ensuring the strength and resilience of our digital landscape,” he concluded.

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