Vijay Sales Announced Partnership with Wahter for Innovative Advertising Collaboration

Vijay Sales Announced Partnership with Wahter for Innovative Advertising Collaboration

Vijay Sales has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Wahter, India's innovative packaged water brand company with the mission of making drinking water affordable. Under this collaboration, Vijay Sales will not only advertise with Wahter but will extend its 33 stores across the Delhi NCR region to serve as prime advertising spaces for brands collaborating with Wahter.

Under this collaboration, Wahter will prominently feature Vijay Sales’ advertising on their water bottles, which will be available to the consumers at just Rs. 2 for a 500 ml bottle at Wahter’s kiosks, carts, and strollers. This move aligns with both companies' commitment to providing cost-effective and clean drinking water.

In addition, Vijay Sales stores across Delhi NCR will serve as hosts for Wahter, enabling other brands to advertise on Wahter’s packaged water bottles. Consumers visiting Vijay Sales stores will enjoy complimentary access to water bottles with the branding of various enterprises partnering with Wahter. This dual initiative not only enhances the shopping experience but also promotes clean drinking water.

"We are excited to join forces with Wahter in this pioneering initiative that promotes sustainable advertising practices. By opening up our store spaces for innovative advertising, we aim to create a platform that benefits both advertisers and clean drinking water to our customer base." said Nilesh Gupta, Director of Vijay Sales.

Wahter's Co-founder Kashiish A Nenwani also expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "At Wahter, our mission is to provide clean drinking water to every individual at an affordable price point. Partnering with Vijay Sales allows us to expand our reach and fulfill this mission by making Wahter bottles accessible to a wider audience across the NCR."

Also, Wahter recently collaborated with Scrapbuddy, to recycle PET bottles into eco-friendly fabrics and durable paver blocks. All their water bottles are recyclable and will be collected back in their carts. This initiative marks a pivotal step in Wahter's mission to reduce environmental impact while creating innovative solutions for a more sustainable future.

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