Union Budget 2023: Live Updates

Union Budget 2023: Live Updates

The finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman is announcing the full-fledge Union Budget for 2023-24. The focus of government will be to boost the key infrastructure of India, strengthen all the industries and bring policies to uplift the business culture in the country. The economic growth of the country will be on top priority while meeting the expectations of the common people.

12:33 (IST) Feb 01

To steer economy on sustainable development path, battery energy storage systems with capacity of 4000 MWH to be supported with viability gap funding: Sitharaman

12:32 (IST) Feb 01

Personal Income Tax for the hardworking middle class

Currently, those with an income of Rs 5 lakhs do not pay any income tax and I proposed to increase the rebate limit to Rs 7 lakhs in the new tax regime: Finance Minister

12:32 (IST) Feb 01

To encourage indigenous production of Lab-grown diamonds and machines and to reduce import dependency, 5-year R&D grant to be provided to one of the IITs; proposal for reducing custom duty on LGDs to be indicated, Says FM

12:31 (IST) Feb 01

To enable more fintech services, scope of documents available on Digi Locker for individuals to be expanded, an entity DigiLocker will be set up for use by MSMEs, large businesses and charitable trusts for securely storing and sharing documents online: FM

12:30 (IST) Feb 01

Phase 3 of e-courts project to be launched with outlay of Rs. 7000 crores, for efficient administration of justice: FM

12:26 (IST) Feb 01

For business establishments required to have Permanent Account Number, PAN to be used as common identifier of all digital systems of specified govt. agencies, this will bring Ease of Doing Business: Finance Minister

12:25 (IST) Feb 01

One stop solution for reconciliation and updating of Identity and Address of individuals, maintained by various govt. entities, to be set up using DigiLocker services and Aadhaar as foundational identities: Finance Minister

12:23 (IST) Feb 01

National Data Governance Policy to be brought out, will enable access to anonymized data, KYC process to be simplified, adopting risk-based instead of one size fits all approach, fin regulators to be encouraged to adopt KYC system fitting needs of Digital India, Says FM

12:21 (IST) Feb 01

To encourage indigenous production of LGD (Lab-Grown Diamonds) seeds & machines and to reduce import dependency, a research & development grant will be provided to one of the IITs for five years: Finance Minister

12:19 (IST) Feb 01

For realizing vision of Make AI in India and Make AI Work for India, 3 Centres of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence to be set up in top educational institutions, leading industry players to partner to conduct research & develop applications, Sitharaman

12:17 (IST) Feb 01

For enhancing Ease of Doing Business, more than 39,000 compliances have been reduced & more than 3,400 legal provisions have been decriminalized. The Jan Vishwas Bill has been introduced to amend 42 central acts & unleash the potential of our economy, FM

12:15 (IST) Feb 01

100 labs for developing apps using 5G services will be set up in engineering institutions. To realize new range of opportunities, business models & employment potential, labs will cover among others, apps like Smart Classrooms, Precision Farming, Intelligent & Transports Systems: Sitharaman

12:10 (IST) Feb 01

States to be encouraged to set up unity mall in their state capital for the promotion and sale of their 'one district one product', GI products, and other handicraft products and for providing space for such products of all other states, Says FM

11:57 (IST) Feb 01

Budget 2023 adopts 7 Priorities which acts as Saptarshis guiding through Amrit Kaal

1 Inclusive development

2 Reaching last mile

3 Infrastructure & investment

4 unleashing potential

5 Green growth

6 Youth Power

7 Financial Sector: Finance Minister

11:51 (IST) Feb 01

We are implementing programs like green fuel, green energy etc. for efficient use of energy across economic sectors These green growth efforts help in reducing carbon intensity of economy & provide large scale job opportunities: Finance Minister

11:48 (IST) Feb 01

National Digital Library for Children and Adolescents to be set up for facilitating availability of quality books across languages, geographies and genres; states to set up physical libraries and provide infra to access the library resources, says Sitharaman

11:44 (IST) Feb 01

New programme to promote research and innovation in pharmaceuticals to be taken up through centres of excellence, industry to also be encouraged to invest in research and development in priority areas, says Sitharaman

11:42 (IST) Feb 01

Facilities in select ICMR labs to be made available for research by public and private medical college faculty, private sector research teams for encouraging collaborative research and innovation, says FM

11:35 (IST) Feb 01

Our mission for Amrit Kaal includes a technology driven & knowledge-based economy

The economic agenda focuses on facilitating opportunities, providing strong impetus to job creation & strengthening macroeconomic stability: Finance Minister

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