Top 10 Security Threats Every Business Should Know

Top 10 Security Threats Every Business Should Know

The modern workspace knows no bounds, and safeguarding your business requires a 360-degree approach that encompasses education, awareness, and proactive measures to protect identities, data, and devices. The cornerstone of this protection lies in cultivating a cybersecurity-conscious mindset among your team and promoting secure practices. 

Microsoft Security lists down the major types of security threats and tips on how to protect a business. 

Here are ten tips to fortify your network security: 

1.       Educate employees on safe email and browsing practices. 

2.       Raise awareness about the potential online risks. 

3.       Implement attack simulation training through Microsoft Defender for Office 365. 

4.       Transition to passwordless authentication and employ multi-factor authentication. 

5.       Ensure all company devices are running the latest operating system and internet browser versions. 

6.       Enforce corporate data storage and encryption protocols, securely storing company data in the cloud. 

7.       Ingrain the importance of secure connections such as HTTPS among employees. 

8.       Cultivate a habit of verifying website certificates to confirm a website's legitimacy. 

9.       Activate pop-up blockers as a default setting. 

10.   Utilize cloud-based antivirus solutions, such as Microsoft Windows Defender. 

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