The Current IT Infra Among Large Organizations Would Undergo Major Transformation: Micron

The Current IT Infra Among Large Organizations Would Undergo Major Transformation: Micron

India's rapid digital transformation and IT infrastructure evolution are rewriting the nation's tech landscape. Over the last few years, India has witnessed an unparalleled surge in digitalization. A well-established IT infrastructure is the backbone of the digital age. It empowers organizations to adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape and adopt next-gen technologies. As digital ecosystems continue to expand, the need of further strengthening IT infrastructure to support the growing digital ecosystem becomes increasingly important. DT talked to Mr. Rajesh Gupta, Director Sales - India & SAARC, Micron Technologies to discuss the need of improved IT infrastructure in the county.

The State of IT Infrastructure Among Large Organizations Today

Large organizations have witnessed a significant evolution in their IT infrastructure over the years. The state of IT infrastructure among large organizations today is a dynamic landscape marked by the relentless pursuit of innovation and digital transformation. Commenting on the current IT infrastructure among large organizations, Rajesh Gupta, Director Sales - India & SAARC, Micron Technologies said, “The current IT infrastructure is under tremendous pressure due to multiple initiatives going on across industries/organizations. As per the Economic Survey 2022-23, the domestic technology industry is estimated to grow at 10%, primarily due to enterprise digital acceleration and transformation. The Nasscom survey highlights that attracting and retaining top talent is a major driver for organizations and as hybrid models are evolving and stabilizing while return to office for collaborative initiatives is also putting strain on the IT infrastructure and needs to be streamlined. The Supply chain disruptions/realignments, Cloud, AI and cybersecurity threats which have seen 3X rise continue to drive the IT infrastructure transformation. The current IT infra among large organizations would undergo major transformation accentuated by the fact that there is positive outlook on the technology spending and hiring.”

Key Verticals Seeking Urgent IT Infrastructure Upgrade

There are several verticals that are urgently seeking IT infrastructure upgrades to align with evolving technology trends and demands. These verticals face unique challenges and opportunities, but all share a common urgency to embrace IT infrastructure upgrades. Talking about evolving need of IT infrastructure upgrade, he said, “The Data center market including Cloud service providers and captive DCs is expected to grow at around 10% for the next five years. The data growth, data localization laws, OTTs, mobile gaming, CDNs etc would act as strong catalysts for Data Center growth. Almost all verticals would need to upgrade IT infra for initiatives like digitalization & Enterprise IT applications revamp to cope up with supply chain disruptions and new ways to engage with customers etc. The Banking sector needs to contain costs and expected to enhance online footprint at the expense of physical presence would be required to transform the application/IT infra.”

He further added, “The smart manufacturing, IoT, AI etc initiatives would require a complete overhaul of the traditional architecture deployed in most manufacturing organizations. The new age content creators and professionals and the entire media/entertainment industry needs to upgrade to latest gear for better power efficiency, performance and to make the entire gear light weight and more portable. Crucial T700 is the industry’s first Gen 5 SSD from a tier 1 player that allows extreme performance, better thermal management with specially designed heat sink and compatibility with MS Storage spaces. Additionally, Crucial X10 Pro with upto 4TB capacity for all professionals/content creators the portability, density and extreme performance.”

Challenges Faced by CTOs/CIOs in Technology Adoption

CTOs and CIOs encounter multiple of challenges when adopting new technologies like cloud computing, edge computing, and artificial intelligence (AI). Striking a balance between innovation and operational efficiency while staying ahead of the competition in a rapidly evolving tech landscape is an ongoing struggle for CTOs/CIOs. Sharing his views about new challenges, he stated, “The budgetary constraints imposed due to geo-political issue, supply chain disruptions, macro-economic challenges forces CTOs/CIOs to just focus on keeping the lights ON while these new technologies like cloud computing, edge computing, AI, etc require a rethinking/overhaul of the entire IT infrastructure and one cannot scale the same way the Enterprise architecture could scale years ago. The Server-SAN architecture, software defined everything and slicing resources at every level for highest efficiency needs to be incorporated into the architecture to begin with. The application stack transformation takes the lion’s share of the entire budget while infra needs to be upgraded in line as well.”

Support to Organizations in Scaling Their IT Infrastructure

“The paradigm shift in HDDs Vs SSDs debate, the cost structure, capacity, performance, form factor shift would help CTOs/CIOs easily move from the biggest bottleneck in IT server/storage infra to SSDs. The data growth has increased exponentially and the data analytics must happen at real or near time which is why the traditional storage architectures cannot keep with the demands and would be prohibitively costly at such large scales. The SSD costs are continuous declining and capacities are increasing at an exponential rate,” he commented.

“With the recent launch of Micron 6500 30TB NVMe SSD and the smaller 2.5” form factors Vs HDDs the customers could consolidate four times the workload/storage on to same 2U servers (when comparing with widely used 16TB HDDs). In Cloud/Virtualized environments when the maximum performance and capacity is simultaneously desired then Micron 9400 30TB SSDs could be used to allow maximum VMs to be cut from same infra. Micron is helping organizations in their move from DDR4 to DDR5 by enabling them to join our DDR TEP program and partner with organizations in their move to next technology leap to break the memory wall and choose from the ever evolving & state of the art Die stack for their technological transformation,” he concluded.

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