The 2024 Interim Budget Is An Action-Oriented One, With The Mantra Of Reforming, Performing And Transforming India: Arundhati Bhattacharya

The 2024 Interim Budget Is An Action-Oriented One, With The Mantra Of Reforming, Performing And Transforming India: Arundhati Bhattacharya

The 2024 interim budget has been presented in the parliament which aims to propel the nation's growth to new heights. The budget's focus on reforming various sectors, enhancing performance metrics, and driving a transformative agenda aligns with the nation's aspirations for comprehensive development. Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chairperson & CEO of Salesforce India, has expressed her perspectives on this visionary budget. Arundhati Bhattacharya's insights shed light on the potential impact and positive implications of the 2024 interim budget in steering India towards a path of sustainable and inclusive growth.

The budget promises to drive MSME sector growth in next financial year. Putting across his views on the budget, Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chairperson & CEO of Salesforce India said, “India has showcased a robust and resilient growth story driven by perseverance, ingenuity, and vision. The 2024 interim budget is an action-oriented one, with the mantra of reforming, performing and transforming India. It is a budget of confidence. It promises to continue to empower the four vulnerable sections of society- the poor, the youth, farmers and women folk in order to realise India's potential. The continued focus on increased capital investments will result in generation of employment opportunities and thereby growth of the economy.” 

She further added, “Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) are an integral part of our economy - locally and globally. As of October 2023, 1.14 lakh startups were recognised by the government under the Startup India initiative and reported the creation of more than 12 lakh jobs. The next-generation reforms focused on timely and adequate finances, relevant technologies and appropriate training for the MSME’s to grow and also compete globally will facilitate sustaining high and more resource-efficient economic growth creating opportunities for all.”

“India is the talent basket of the world and has one of the youngest populations globally; we have a humongous opportunity to unlock the potential of the country’s young workforce. I am personally pleased with the 43% increase in enrolment of women in STEM courses, the highest in the world. What’s more, our country’s population is massive and tremendously diverse – which gives us access to some of the richest data sets for AI and innovation. India is showcasing multiple solutions through innovation and entrepreneurship of its people. Technology, youth and innovation continues to be the cornerstone of the Government's strategy. Creation of a corpus of rupees one lakh crore with a fifty-year interest free loan is a welcome move combining the power of our youth and technology for driving more innovation,” she stated.

In addition, she commented, “Promoting sustainable growth is an opportunity for India to lead and has been a top of mind initiative for all leaders. Bold action towards climate change for realizing our commitment to becoming ‘net-zero’ by 2070 is much needed. We are on a high growth path with all-round development and it is encouraging to see the focus on environment-friendly alternatives 9 roof top solar, offshore wind power generation, mixing of bio fuels with CNG etc) to ensure that such growth is sustainable.”

“We need more women in the workforce and women-led initiatives are an imperative. Achieving high resilient growth while ensuring sustainable and inclusive livelihood options for all remains a priority for the country. There is emphasis on programs for this segment as well including their health and nutrition. The budget shuns unnecessary populist measures and focuses instead on ensuring that India continues on its high-growth trajectory,” she concluded.

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