Team Computers Showcased Cisco Meraki & Security Products in Kolkata

Team Computers Showcased Cisco Meraki & Security Products in Kolkata

Team Computers recently hosted an event on 15th September in Kolkata that unveiled the remarkable capabilities of CISCO Meraki & CISCO security devices in revolutionizing contemporary workspaces. The event spotlighted how these devices can significantly elevate collaboration and security within organizations, serving as a strategic response to the dynamic challenges of the ever-evolving digital landscape.

The event's central theme, 'Connecting Minds, Simplifying Technology,' served as the backdrop for an engaging presentation of CISCO Meraki's and CISCO Securities' diverse device portfolio. These cutting-edge devices, equipped with advanced collaboration features and robust security measures, offer the promise of a revolutionary transformation for contemporary workspaces. The event underscored their potential to empower remote workforces, guaranteeing a secure, efficient, and conducive work environment.

Mr. Ranjan Chopra, the Managing Director and CEO of the company says “With over 36 years of industry experience, we have fostered a strong and enduring partnership with CISCO. I firmly believe that this collaboration will play a pivotal role in ensuring the tremendous success of this venture”.

Additionally, Shyam Lodh, Team Computers’ Enterprise Business Head, highlighted the significance of integrating emerging applications, including Cisco Meraki and Cisco security solutions, into IT infrastructure. He stated that this integration aims at modernizing and simplifying complex systems and processes.

The evening was marked by a vibrant exchange of ideas, as IT leaders from diverse industries came together, showcasing the collaborative spirit of the tech sector. The event successfully convened more than 80 IT leaders in one location, facilitating an exploration of a diverse array of IT solutions. Team Computers' commitment to bridging the divide between IT solutions and business requirements underscored the potential advantages of adopting modernized infrastructure for businesses

The upcoming CISCO Meraki event in Delhi marks the next step in our ongoing journey towards a future where effortless collaboration, heightened security, and streamlined technology are not merely goals but the driving factors propelling organizational success.

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