Team Computers Organized Event on “Connecting Minds, Simplifying Technology” Theme

Team Computers Organized Event on “Connecting Minds, Simplifying Technology” Theme

Team Computers recently organized an event on Friday 4th Aug 2023, in Chennai to showcase how the diverse range of CISCO Meraki devices can transform modern workplaces for organizations with better collaboration & security embedded in the devices.

The central theme of the event, “Connecting Minds, Simplifying Technology," set the stage for a dynamic showcase of the versatile range of CISCO Meraki devices. These devices, equipped with superior collaboration features and security measures, promise a revolutionary transformation for modern workplaces. The event underscored their potential to effectively support remote workforces, ensuring a safe, secure, and efficient work environment.

Team Computers’ Enterprise Business Head, Shyam Lodh, opened the event with a welcome address for the esteemed delegates. He shared his enthusiasm for technological advancement and hailed CISCO Meraki as an ideal resource to achieve this goal. This was followed by a series of lightning talks from leading industry professionals, offering insights into their journey.

Cisco believes in making technology effortless for everyone and its solutions are designed to be simple, intuitive, and reliable, allowing users to seamlessly connect, communicate, and collaborate without barriers or complexities. Cisco Meraki is a prime example of this mission in action, offering cloud-managed network infrastructure and multi-factor authentication, respectively, that make it easier for organizations to manage their networks and enhance their security.

The evening was marked by a vibrant exchange of ideas, as IT leaders from diverse industries came together, showcasing the collaborative spirit of the tech sector. The dialogue revolved around harnessing the power of CISCO Meraki devices to drive innovation, increase efficiency, and create robust digital infrastructures. The discussions provided a platform for the leaders to gain insights into the best practices being implemented across the industry, thereby sparking novel ideas to address the unique challenges faced in their respective fields.

With the forthcoming CISCO Meraki event in Kolkata, the journey continues towards a future where seamless collaboration, enhanced security, and simplified technology are not just aspirations, but the driving force behind organizations' success.

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