SupertronVAD Successfully Hosted its 1st Annual Sales Meet in Mumbai

SupertronVAD Successfully Hosted its 1st Annual Sales Meet in Mumbai

Supertron Value Added Distributor venture is proud to announce its highly anticipated its 1st Global Annual Sales kickoff meet which took place 17-20 Aug/23 in Mumbai at the The Fern.

This exclusive annual meet served as a platform to showcase the company’s overall vision, sales planning, and training initiatives, and introduced the esteemed members of the entire sales organisation. SEPL VAD places its primary emphasis on the domains of Unified Communication, Audio, Video, Surveillance, Data Centre, Cloud and Software as a Service. As the result of our spellbound work, Supertron VAD has acquired Exclusive Distribution Rights of South Asia Region for globally recognized OEMs as well as few of them are deemed OEM’s status in India, Deemed OEM brands are Synology, Avermedia, Aver, Zeevee, NUUO. These alliances empower us to meet the evolving needs of our customers & partners to outsmart the competition.

Attending the event were SEPLVAD’s Chairman Mr. V. K. Bhandari, Chief of VAD Mr. Debraj Dam, and CEO of Supertron Infotech, Mr. Vipul Bhandari as well as Business Growth Advisor to SEPLVAD Mr. Manoj Chugh, with the entire VAD teams and key stakeholders from across the organization. Various OEM’s also presented their growth vision, market potential and opportunities with team during 3 days’ annual sales meet.

Sales Kick-off highlighted the remarkable growth achieved from its inception 2nd July 2019  while outlining the strategic direction & vision 2025 for the future.  The agenda for the Annual Sales Meet included comprehensive product training, revenue planning, identification of area of opportunities sessions, designed to align the team’s efforts with SEPLVAD’ highlighting business growth objectives. These sessions enabled the PBO, Business Development, Solutions and CoE team to formulate effective strategies, identify new market opportunities, and drive sustainable growth in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Adding on to the achievements recently the company was also recognized by “Most Preferred VAD in India 2023” by leading media house recently.

“We were thrilled to organize our 1st Annual Sales Meet, as it allows us to celebrate our achievements, most engaged and relevant exchanged of business and technology discussions due to the mix of business best practices, innovative strengthen our strategic focus, and nurture a culture of continuous learning and development,” said Debraj Dam, Chief of VAD, SupertronVAD

With today’s persistent pace of change of the technology space, speed is the new scale. And that’s our stake holders, customers and partner organizations are demanding as they try to put their technology infrastructure to business to keep innovating and stay ahead of the digital curve,” Mr. V.K. Bhandari in its inaugural speech. “We are implementing these changes in our organisation to better serve their needs. Our engagement model that allows our current and future partner and customers to move at warp speed and aligns with the new way they want to engage with us.”

“This event served as a platform to showcase the collective expertise of our various young and agile team and reaffirm our commitment to providing innovative technology solutions that drive value for our partner and its customer.”  The Annual Sales Meet is a testament to SEPLVAD’ unwavering dedication to fostering a culture of excellence, collaboration, and customer-centricity approach. The event provides a unique opportunity for the entire team to interact, exchange knowledge, fun and team building and lay the foundation for future success.

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