Sennheiser Announced Irresistible Discounts on Top Products for Amazon Festival Sale

Sennheiser Announced Irresistible Discounts on Top Products for Amazon Festival Sale

Sennheiser has unveiled enticing discounts on its best-selling products during the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale. Customers now have the opportunity to acquire Sennheiser's premium lineup this festive season, including products like the Sennheiser Momentum 4 headphones with a new colour launch in Black/Copper, AMBEO Soundbars and Sub Portfolio, Momentum True Wireless 3, HD 600, HD 599 SE, HD 560S, IE200, HD650, and more. Early access for prime users began on October 7th, 2023, at midnight, with the sale officially commencing on October 8th, offering customers an exciting chance to enjoy incredible deals and discounts.

Momentum 4 Headphones –Exceptional sound and great comfort in flawless balance

The Momentum 4 Wireless has been designed to elevate the standard even higher with best-in-class sound and cutting-edge Adaptive Noise Cancellation. The headset has an outstanding battery life of up to 60 hours and is packed with intelligent, user-friendly features that improve every contact. Navigating music, calls, and voice assistants is simple and intuitive with the MOMENTUM 4 Wireless' touchpad interface thanks to speech and audible instructions. Due to Bluetooth device management, which enables simultaneous connection of several devices, setup is also made simple.  

Retailed at INR 34,990, the Momentum 4 headphones will be available in black, black/copper and white colour variants starting from INR 24,990 respectively. Click here to purchase Momentum 4 headphones –

Momentum 4 Headphones Black/Copper (Special Edition) and Denim – Bright new colours giving the series of portable audio a different look.

Following their debut, the user-friendly MOMENTUM 4 Wireless headphones have found a home in flights and crowded offices, commuting, homes, and bags, making them the ideal headphones for work or play for audiophiles. Sennheiser is now increasing the variety of colours available by adding two more variations: black/copper and Denim. The “Black/Copper” variant is quite similar to the instant-classic HD 660S2 audiophile headphone, launched earlier in 2023. No matter where you take them, the "S" insignia and earcup contour rings subtly draw attention to the series' high-end appearance and audio heritage.

Retailed at INR 34,990, the Momentum 4 Black/Copper will be available in inky blue, black and copper variants for INR 24,990 respectively.

HD 650- When the music matters the most

The HD 650 sets benchmarks for comfort and ease. With sound so good, long concerts in home are a foregone conclusion. The HD 650 is a true masterpiece that will please even the pickiest listener. Music's finer subtleties are reproduced by the HD 650 with the same assurance as its highlights. One of the most comfortable studio headphones are the Sennheiser HD 650.

Retailed at INR 44,990, the HD 650 will be available in black variant for INR 22,450 respectively. Click here to buy HD 650-

HD 600- Engineered for absolute clarity

The HD 600 is the preferred reference playback option for audio purists. The HD 600 are open dynamic, hi-fi/professional stereo headphones of the highest calibre for audiophiles. Standing waves in the diaphragm material are eliminated by the sophisticated diaphragm design. The HD 600 can be directly connected to high-end audio systems, particularly DAT, DVD, MD, and CD players. With its clear and spatial rendition of any programme material, notably classical music, the HD600 is the perfect option for the professional recording engineer.

Retailed at INR 44,990, the HD 600 will be available in black variant for INR 19,990 respectively. Click here to buy HD 600-

HD 599 SE- Step into the world of audiophile sound

The HD 599 with an open back provides an incredibly realistic spatial performance. The full-sized premium headset, which tops Sennheiser's 500 series, provides close to audiophile-level sound quality and great wearing comfort thanks to the big ear cups and soft interchangeable ear pads. The tiny details add to the HD 599's timeless ivory colour choice to give it an immediate sense of heft and quality.

Retailed at INR 21,990, the HD 599 SE will be available in black and ivory variants for INR 8,490 respectively. Click here to buy HD 599 SE-

Momentum True Wireless 3 – A superior sound experiences with Adaptive Noise Cancellation

Encased in a design that is defined using high-quality materials and precise workmanship, the Momentum True Wireless 3 offers a range of technologies and features that take the listening experience to a new level. The new Sound Personalization feature provides an enhanced sound experience via a guided listening test to set up the perfect sound for each user’s individual hearing. The earbuds come with Adaptive Noise Cancellation which automatically adjusts to your environment and an extensive battery life with playtime upto 28 hours.

Retailed at INR 24,990, the Momentum True Wireless 3 will be available in black, white and graphite colour variants for INR 16,990 respectively. Click here to purchase Momentum True Wireless 3 –

AMBEO Soundbar Plus- The world’s most immersive sound

With its distinctive and simple calibration, the SB02M recreates the spaciousness of a movie theatre at home. Soundbars are easy to use and have a stylish design. They work with all common hardware, wireless protocols, codecs, and voice assistants. Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, 360 Reality Audio, and MPEG-H audio provide engrossing 3D audio. The Ambeo Soundbar Plus delivers an immersive sound experience in one single and compact device.

Retailed at INR 1,39,990, the Soundbar Plus will be available in black colour variant for INR 1,19,990. Click here to purchase Soundbar Plus –

AMBEO Subwoofers- Bass reinvented

The advanced self-calibration of the AMBEO Sub and its in-built far-field microphone enable the device to scan your room and learn its acoustics with extreme precision, allowing the Sub to adjust flawlessly to every environment and create a distinctive immersive sound experience that puts you in the center of the action. Multiple audio and equalizer settings, along with many other cutting-edge features designed to get the most out of your AMBEO Sub, which uses Bluetooth Low Energy to ensure the lowest latency, are available through the user-friendly Smart Control App and Web Interface, which guarantees a simple and enjoyable user experience.

Retailed at INR 69,990, the Subwoofer will be available in black colour variant for INR 69,990 respectively. Click here to purchase Subwoofer –

Sennheiser IE 200- Your invitation to a new world of sound

The Sennheiser IE 200 offers a 7-millimeter extra-wide band transducer for outstanding quality, built on 15 years of Sennheiser TrueResponse Transducer technology. The most recent in-ear model maintains the tradition of the IE family by providing brilliantly accurate and balanced sounds in an incredibly small package. Nothing prevents the user from exploring new sonic realms with IE 200. With a natural frequency response curve, which is generally only seen in earphones costing substantially more, harmonic distortion is practically nonexistent. Additionally, the IE 200's distinctive dual-tuning capability allows it to cater to a wide range of listening preferences.

Retailed at INR 14,990, the IE 200 will be available in black colour variant for INR 8,990 respectively. Click here to buy IE 200-

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