Save Time & Energy By Using Microsoft Viva In These 4 Ways

Save Time & Energy By Using Microsoft Viva In These 4 Ways

With hybrid work being the norm today, organizations are struggling to balance business outcomes with employee wellbeing. The hybrid set-up has its own challenges, relating to structuring team goals and culture, and managing recruitment and retention.

Here’s where employee experience platforms like Viva can be utilized to help: 

1. Improved productivity from content and expert discovery

With access to virtual communities and resource groups, the platform helps employees remain connected with mentors, coaches, and subject matter experts. It also facilitates content discovery so that employees can go about their day spending less time searching for what they need

2. Improved employee retention

Only 56 percent of Indian employees say their company solicits feedback at least once a year. Continuous feedback is crucial and employee experience platforms can help highlight opportunities for leaders to drive change and build a healthier workplace

3. Time savings for operations teams

It streamlines many of the time-consuming but necessary activities that people from departments like HR, learning and development, corporate communications, and IT handle every day. By helping employees manage their own goals, learning courses, and content discovery, these departments can devote more time to other strategic priorities.

4. Faster onboarding process

Onboarding and productivity are directly related: the longer it takes to onboard, the longer it also takes to realize full productivity from new hires and internal transfers. With the platform acting as a central hub for all relevant information, employees can readily connect with the right people for their growth and development.

Companies with engaged employees performed twice as well financially as those with disengaged employees.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out Viva today!

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