Safeguarding India's Digital Landscape: Industry Leaders Take On Data Privacy Day 2024

Safeguarding India's Digital Landscape: Industry Leaders Take On Data Privacy Day 2024

As the digital landscape of India transforms, the significance of data privacy becomes increasingly paramount. On the occasion of World Data Privacy Day, celebrated annually on January 28th, we delve into the importance of safeguarding personal information, especially in the wake of the recent Data Privacy law passed by the Indian government. This day serves as a global reminder of the need to protect individuals' data rights, emphasizing the critical role that privacy plays in the ever-expanding digital realm.


In light of this, we've gathered insights from key industry players immersed in the realms of data storage and cybersecurity solutions. These leaders share their perspectives on the evolving data privacy landscape, the impact of the new legislation, and the collective responsibility of both businesses and individuals in ensuring the secure and responsible handling of data.  Check out the quotes below from key industry leaders on ' World Data Privacy Day '.

“Organizations Need To Implement A Holistic Approach Towards Developing And Implementing Robust Cyber Security And Data Protection Strategies”

“Data privacy is every business’ top priority, as we move into an increasingly digital and connected world. This necessitates the need to protect our data from any potential cyber threats. Data Privacy Day is a reminder to pay attention towards safeguarding personal information in our interconnected digital lives. Need of the hour for organizations is to ensure effective cybersecurity measures are in place, as it's becoming even more important in the times of digital transformation, cloud computing and remote work expansion. Organizations need to implement a holistic approach towards developing and implementing robust cyber security and data protection strategies.

With the continuous rise in cyber threats and organizations increasingly turning to public cloud solutions, hybrid working models and generative AI, the risk of cybersecurity has only heightened globally as well as in India. The recent Dell 2024 GDPI research report has spotlighted serious concerns on cybersecurity, where customers are worried about their existing data protection measures more than ever. As per the GDPI report, 64% of the organizations in India are confident against the data protection measures adopted by them to safeguard their existing data needs. Additionally, 27% of the organizations in India are adopting Zero trust strategy to safeguard their IT infrastructure.” - Ripu Bajwa, Director and General Manager, Data Protection Solutions, Dell Technologies India.

“The Need of The Hour Is A Comprehensive And Preventive Approach To Data Privacy And Data Protection”

"In today's data-driven business environment, the extensive dependence on data, along with its versatile and valuable applications, makes it an attractive target for cybercriminals. In an era where adoption of advanced technologies like AI is on the rise, enterprises are grappling with concerns surrounding massive data collection, privacy, and security. Businesses, now more than ever, need to deploy data privacy tools to navigate these challenges effectively. And hence, data privacy is a crucial aspect for us when it comes to processes and product offerings – that is, both internally and externally. The need of the hour is a comprehensive and preventive approach to data privacy and data protection, including solutions that have built-in features that protect and secure primary data. All through data storage and management strategies, data privacy must be non-negotiable.” - Shuja Mirza, Director of Solutions Engineering, NetApp India.

“The Increase In AI-Powered Cyber-Attacks In India Raises Substantial Concerns, Highlighting The Urgency For Organizations To Redirect Their Focus Toward Data Governance And Privacy”

“As we observe Data Privacy Day, it is imperative to reflect on the ever-growing importance of safeguarding sensitive information in our digital landscape. Currently, India ranks among the top three most targeted APAC countries for cybercrimes, with the prominent factor being the surge in Generative AI. A study conducted by PWC reveals that nearly half of the respondents fear the consequences of a cyber-attack, foreseeing potential losses in customer data and revenue. The increase in AI-powered cyber-attacks in India raises substantial concerns, highlighting the urgency for organizations to redirect their focus toward data governance and privacy.

In today’s era dominated by generative AI, integrating AI with data protection is imperative for solidifying cyber resiliency, and enabling faster and more precise threat detection. The objective of Data Privacy Day is twofold:  a reminder for organizations to embrace a more structured strategy regarding AI to counter new threats and for users to understand the power to protect personal data. There’s no doubt privacy is not just a priority but a necessity. Effective data security serves as the bedrock of data privacy and leaders must recognize that security needs to be seamlessly integrated into every facet of their operations. As we navigate the digital landscape, let us collectively uphold a resilient architecture that extends visibility, ensuring that data privacy remains a steadfast commitment, safeguarding the trust of customers and the integrity of organizations.” - Balaji Rao, Area Vice President, India & SAARC, Commvault.

“Data Privacy Day Cautions That Today’s Cybersecurity Landscape Poses One Of The Most Significant Threats To Privacy”

“While governments around the globe push to enact data protection laws, Data Privacy Day cautions that today’s cybersecurity landscape poses one of the most significant threats to privacy. This is true for organizations of all sizes that are responsible for safeguarding important data in the face of innovative threat actors and an increasingly regulated environment. Protecting against data breaches is especially challenging today, when identity-based attacks are some of the most commonly employed and hardest to detect. In fact, 80% of cyber incidents involve the misuse of valid credentials to access an organization's network. Identity is a critical threat vector that companies must address as they build their data privacy plans. This means that privacy compliance now requires defenders to pay attention to how adversaries infiltrate organizations and to assess whether they are prepared to defend against those types of attacks. This includes asking whether there is adequate visibility into security events, credentials, and data flows. 

Data Privacy Day is also a reminder that aligning privacy and cybersecurity strategies is especially critical as generative AI tools continue to span enterprises. With every ground-breaking technology, there are new opportunities and risks organizations must be aware of and should anticipate. Notably, responsible AI can be a game-changer in protecting data against breaches. However, AI that lacks privacy-by-design can introduce risk. In parallel with emerging regulations, it is imperative that organizations have visibility into the types of generative AI being introduced into their environments and an understanding of the use cases. Effective data protection today combines content with context to get a real-time understanding of what data - if any - is being shared with third-party entities and what protections are in place to prevent unauthorized data exposure.” - Drew Bagley, VP & Counsel Cyber Policy and Privacy, CrowdStrike.

“In The Current Landscape, Securing Sensitive Data Is Not Merely A Compliance Measure But A Strategic Imperative For Any Organization”

“In the era of digital transformation, information is the currency of progress. In the current landscape, securing sensitive data is not merely a compliance measure but a strategic imperative for any organization. As we prepare to combat evolving cyber threats, DigiCert stands as a trusted partner for organizations of all sizes, fortifying the foundations of Digital Trust. We work towards integrating future-ready security frameworks for Indian businesses. We also highlight how the foundation of data protection is not just about safeguarding information; it is about empowering entities to unleash their full potential securely.

Data Privacy Day serves as a reminder of the paramount importance of Digital Trust. As we celebrate Data Privacy Day, let us recognize that Digital Trust is the cornerstone of progress. DigiCert, with its unwavering commitment to security, paves the way for Indian businesses to not just survive, but thrive in the digital realm. Embracing robust encryption and cutting-edge technologies, we propel businesses towards a future where innovation and security converge and serve as catalysts for an environment where digital trust becomes synonymous with progress.” - Anant Deshpande, Regional Vice President, India & SAARC, DigiCert.

“Through Steadfast Adherence To Cybersecurity Policies, We Can Forge A Path Towards A Secure, Resilient, And Trustworthy Digital Future”

“Today, data is both our treasure and our most vulnerable asset. Technology plays a major role in mitigating cloud security risks, offering advanced solutions for encryption, robust authentication mechanisms, and routine security audits. However, our collective responsibility extends beyond technological measures. Enterprises and individuals must actively contribute to data privacy and protection. By implementing practices such as regular data backups, employee training on cybersecurity best practices, and vigilant monitoring, we can fortify our defenses against potential threats.

At G7 CR Technologies, we actively assess and combat emerging data threats, ensuring that our clients' security systems are adept at detection, notification, and prevention of intrusions. In addition to addressing external threats, we emphasize the importance of governance in data security, helping businesses implement effective policies for timely information access. With G7 CR Technologies, businesses benefit from a proactive and comprehensive approach to safeguarding their data assets. As we adopt the theme, 'Take Control of Your Data,' this year, let us build a culture of data responsibility. Through the integration of advanced technology, individual efforts, and steadfast adherence to cybersecurity policies, we can forge a path towards a secure, resilient, and trustworthy digital future.” - Jesintha Louis, CEO, G7 CR Technologies – A Noventiq Company.

“Virtusa Extends Best Wishes To Our Valued Partners And Stakeholders For Their Commitment To A Secure And Privacy-Centric Data Privacy Day”

"On Data Privacy Day 2024, Virtusa Corporation reinforces its commitment to data security and privacy, echoing this year's theme, 'Take Control of Your Data.' As a leading digital solution provider, we know the challenges organizations are facing in safeguarding sensitive data amid the rising threat of cyber breaches. Underscoring the paramount importance of information protection, Virtusa navigates the dynamic digital landscape, enabling organizations to assert control over their data assets. Recognizing the complexity of data ecosystems, including cloud services and mobile devices, we address this challenge through our comprehensive solutions, prioritizing data protection to empower businesses in confidently navigating the digital realm. On this occasion, Virtusa extends best wishes to our valued partners and stakeholders for their commitment to a secure and privacy-centric Data Privacy Day." - Ramaswamy P V, Chief Information Officer, Virtusa Corporation.

“On This Data Privacy Day, We Reaffirm Our Commitment To Providing Robust Solutions For Data Protection And Ransomware Recovery”

"In an era where data emerges as an increasingly valuable asset and data privacy concerns gain prominence in India, it has become imperative for organizations to protect their data from cyberattacks, natural disasters, human error, or lapses in cybersecurity procedures. The unfortunate reality of data loss poses significant risks to an organization's reputation and revenue. As per Veeam Data Protection Trends Report 2024, Data protection budgets are expected to grow by 6.6% in 2024.  Veeam recognizes the importance of data privacy and how crucial it is for organizations to safeguard their critical data, to ensure business continuity.

On this Data Privacy Day, we reaffirm our commitment to providing robust solutions for data protection and ransomware recovery. Built on the principles of Data Security, Data Recovery, and Data Freedom, our Veeam Data Platform offers advanced features such as data security, malware detection, automated recovery, and hybrid cloud capabilities. These elements collectively empower businesses to operate seamlessly, even in the face of escalating challenges in data security and privacy, contributing to a more resilient and trustworthy digital landscape.” - Sandeep Bhambure, Vice President and Managing Director, India & SAARC, Veeam Software

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