Paytm Garners Nationwide Merchant Support for Reliable Payment Solutions

Paytm Garners Nationwide Merchant Support for Reliable Payment Solutions

Leading industry players endorse Paytm's innovative payment solutions, spanning diverse sectors from retail to entertainment and affirming its status as a trusted payment partner. Top brands such as Arvind Limited, Smaaash, BIBA, and others who are long-time users of Paytm's products, have voiced their support for its excellent services, noting no disruptions in payments and expect Paytm to come out stronger.

Merchants across the country are supporting Paytm considering their payment services including Paytm Payment Gateway are unaffected and offline payment offerings like Paytm QR, Soundbox and Card Machine are still working. Businesses say they rely on Paytm for a convenient and effortless payment experience and are optimistic about the company's future.

Sharing his trust and satisfaction in Paytm’s innovative products, Satya N Satyendra, Chief Operating Officer of Hotspot Retail Private Limited said, “We have been working with Paytm for two years and they have always been at par when it comes to their innovative products and services. I strongly recommend everyone to continue using Paytm services as before.”

Rama Krishna, from Advaith Hyundai, lauded Paytm as a trusted partner for debit and credit card payments, emphasizing the uninterrupted service despite recent regulatory developments.

Leading companies expressed satisfaction with their prolonged use of Paytm, with plans to continue leveraging its payment products. "As a FEC (Famliy Entertainment Centre) brand, we've been leveraging Paytm's innovative solutions like QR and card machines, relying on their seamless integration into our sales & marketing process…As a brand we have got complete support from Paytm and we are absolutely satisfied with their services," said Avanish Agarwal, Consulting Chief Marketing Officer of Smaaash.

Meanwhile, Kulin Lalbhai, Executive Director of Arvind Limited, which runs brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Arrow and U.S. Polo, highlighted how Paytm QR has seamlessly powered payments across all their store formats. Not to forget, Paytm’s pioneering products have revolutionized the payments industry, setting new standards for convenience and innovation.

Paytm’s pioneering products have transformed the payment industry, offering merchants with unparalleled ease of doing business with instant payment, reliability and payments that never fail.

Furthermore, top companies expressed satisfaction with their prolonged use of Paytm, with plans to continue leveraging its payment products.

Speaking about the same, Pankaj Maniyar from BIBA Fashion, asserts, “Our BIBA Store has always relied upon Paytm's iconic Dynamic QR device and Card Machines, more so because payments always go through these devices instantly. With Paytm being the most popular and trusted payments option preferred by our guests, it gives us the ease of doing business.”

Amid challenges, a wave of support has surged for Paytm, with Arvind from Buffalo Wild Wings expressing strong endorsement for its transformative impact on business operations and customer adoption, cementing Paytm's stature in India's fintech revolution.

These resounding endorsements from enterprise leaders speak volumes about Paytm's pivotal role in revolutionizing the digital payments landscape and reaffirms its position as a trusted payment partner for businesses across India.

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