Over Five Billion Individuals Worldwide Active On Social Media with Facebook on Top

Image source: www.freepik.com
Image source: www.freepik.com

Slightly over 60% or about five billion of the world's population is currently using social media platforms says a study conducted by digital advisory company Kepios. According to the latest quarterly report from digital advisory firm Kepios, the number of social media users has surged by 3.7 percent in the past few years.

As the report suggests, Facebook is the most popular and most used social media platform among the global population, followed by YouTube and then WhatsApp, Instagram, and the fifth comes to WeChat. TikTok secures rank six in the recent quarterly report shared by Kepios. Facebook Messenger stands at seven and is followed by Snapchat and Douyin, while Telegram comes last. At present, the count of social media users is reaching the count of internet users, which stands at 5.19 billion, representing approximately 64.5 percent of the global population.

Image source: www.freepik.com
Image source: www.freepik.com

There are major regional variations in the usage of social media platforms. In Central Africa and East, only one out of every 11 individuals use social media. However, in India, where the world's most populous resides, the figure is one out of every three people.

Social media usage has seen a rise in the amount of time spent, with people spending an average of 2. 26 hrs per day, which is an increase of two minutes compared to before. However, significant disparities exist, as Brazilians spend an average of 3.49 hrs daily on social media, while the Japanese spend lower than an hour.

On average, social media users are active on seven different platforms. Meta as a giant of the segment has the three most popular public platforms and is ruling with WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook among users. China has three apps - TikTok with the local version Douyin, and WeChat. Other top three social media platforms include Messenger, Twitter, and Telegram. Mark Zuckerberg's new venture Threads is the latest addition to the domain.

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