“Our Storage Business Has Witnessed A Remarkable 40% Growth Since We Partnered With The Micron”

“Our Storage Business Has Witnessed A Remarkable 40% Growth Since We Partnered With The Micron”

The Indian storage solutions market is currently experiencing extraordinary expansion, driven by increasing demands from diverse industries and consumer segments, including gaming, content creation, and professional sectors. In this fiercely competitive landscape, Micron stands out thanks to its innovative, high-performance product range. Micron's stronghold in the Gujarat market is reinforced by a network of valuable partners who have consistently contributed to Micron's growth. To gain deeper insights into the Gujarat market dynamics and Micron's expanding footprint, DT recently engaged in an exclusive conversation with Mr. Vallabh Kasundra, Partner at Harivallabh Infocom. Explore the exclusive story below to discover more about this company's journey.

Remarkable Business Journey with Crucial by Micron

Harivallabh Infocom, a valued partner of Micron in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, has been instrumental in Micron's regional success. Their enduring partnership with Crucial by Micron has seen remarkable growth, resulting in substantial revenue increases. While speaking to DT, Mr. Vallabh Kasundra, Partner, Harivallabh Infocom highlighted the remarkable business partnership and impressive growth. He said, “We have been associated with Crucial by Micron since last 2-3 years and it has been a great business experience. Initially, we encountered some competition in the market, but we continued our business with more dedication. With the time, our efforts and dedication began to yield results, making the business journey more streamlined and prosperous.”

He further added, "Our storage business has witnessed a remarkable 40% growth since we partnered with the Micron brand. Demand continues to surge, and we find that selling their products requires minimal effort because of the strong trust our customers have in Crucial by Micron. Micron's substantial presence in the market empowers us to reach a broader customer base and expand our business with greater efficiency. As we progress, our goal is to sustain this fruitful partnership and anticipate even more significant achievements together."

Best Product Quality

Product quality is one of the key aspects which impacts customer’s buying decision. While talking about the product quality, he commented, “Crucial by Micron stands at the forefront of the market when it comes to product innovation. As Micron is a prominent manufacturer of storage solutions, their offerings exhibit exceptional compatibility. One notable advantage of Micron's products is their ability to seamlessly integrate with a broad range of motherboards, providing versatility and ease of use. Moreover, we never get any performance related complaints about their products which is a testament of their excellence in innovation. Micron's focus on quality has made it a reliable choice for those seeking innovative and high-performance storage solutions.”

“Micron goes with the market trends which has been invaluable for us and it enables us to stay in sync with the ever-evolving industry landscape. Their competitive pricing strategy is a significant advantage, ensuring that customers gain access to high-quality products under their budget. In addition to that, one of their standout attributes is the extensive product portfolio, encompassing a wide range of offerings, from SATA SSDs to NVMe SSDs, Consumer SSDs, and Enterprise SSDs. This diverse product portfolio caters to a multitude of needs, further solidifying Micron's reputation as a go-to source for high-performance storage solutions,” he stated.

Excellent Brand Support

“Crucial by Micron always extends best support to us. Whether it is inventory, or product information, we get best possible support. Our partnership with Crucial by Micron is built on transparency and mutual trust, allowing us to collaborate effectively in addressing the ever-increasing market demand. Timely inventory management is important to our operations, and Crucial by Micron consistently delivers products as per our requirements. There are no supply chain issues and we are working at good pace to meet the product demand in our region,” he concluded.

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