OnePlus 12R Set to Redefine Smartphone Experience, Launching Globally This January

OnePlus 12R Set to Redefine Smartphone Experience, Launching Globally This January

OnePlus has kicked off the new year with a double whammy of news, unveiling the groundbreaking screen and battery technology found inside its forthcoming performance-focused flagship, the OnePlus 12R. Due to be fully unveiled on 23 January at the Smooth Beyond Belief launch event, OnePlus 12R is the second member of the OnePlus 12 Series and is the first OnePlus R Series device to launch in global markets.

Revolutionary screen technology
OnePlus has revealed that its OnePlus 12R will feature a truly cutting-edge screen – a fourth generation LTPO 120Hz ProXDR display. LTPO technology, including LTPO 3.0 found on OnePlus 11, allows a phone to switch its refresh rate automatically in order to make the most of its battery life. The fourth generation LTPO technology, found only in OnePlus 12R, allows the screen to change its refresh rate even faster, more intelligently and more smoothly than ever before. Rather than switching between a limited set of refresh rates, LTPO 4.0 can move between the widest ever range of refresh rates, including new 90Hz and 72Hz refresh rates. That means whatever a user’s doing, from playing a high resolution game to watching a movie or browsing Chrome or images, OnePlus 12R’s screen will be giving the best performance it can and reducing battery drain at the same time.

Biggest ever battery
OnePlus 12R will also ship with the largest battery ever found in a OnePlus phone, weighing in at 5,500mAh. This makes OnePlus 12R the perfect place to play for an extended period of time, meaning your gaming session can go on longer than ever before.
The battery inside OnePlus 12R will also be powered by SUPERVOOC fast charging and feature Battery Health Engine technology. This technology, designed by OnePlus, helps help keep the battery in peak health for longer than any other competing smartphone, with full details to be unveiled at the OnePlus 12 launch event.
About OnePlus 12 Series
A decade in the making, the OnePlus 12 Series has been developed to address an industry-wide challenge in balancing high performance, high power consumption, effective heat dissipation, and longevity. The two devices, the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R, each have their own unique attributes that give users the choice to pick what's important for them on their next smartphone.
Both flagship phones are set to be released at the OnePlus Smooth Beyond Belief Launch Event at 19:30 IST on January 23, 2024.

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