NETGEAR Aims to Grow its ProAV Switches Segment in 2023

NETGEAR Aims to Grow its ProAV Switches Segment in 2023

The Indian networking solutions market has witnessed strong growth in past few years as rising need of connectivity across India is taking the growth ahead. Moreover, the launch of 5G network has further improved the market landscape for a better-connected ecosystem. The leading networking player, NETGEAR is anticipating good opportunities in 2023.

Growing Trends

Indian Networking Solutions market is flourishing at a very good pace as augment of new technologies making networking devices more effective and advanced. While sharing opinion about trend, Marthesh Nagendra, Country Manager - India, ME & SAARC, NETGEAR said, “Predicting future trends can be a tenuous business. If we look at the past couple of years, technology has come a long way since, communication from the old and slower medium has fastened, thanks to the Internet connections at home (broadband) that has become faster and cheaper than we could ever imagine. Now let's talk about trends that are likely to become mainstream in 2023.”

“5G has been around for several years now, but most of the services offered by consumer CSPs do not use a “pure” form of the technology, instead piggybacking their services on existing 4G (LTE) infrastructure. This means it’s not likely that users are using it to its full potential. The next step in the rollout of 5G will be the move to what is being called "stand-alone" 5G.”

“With the advent of remote and hybrid work, SMB products will gain momentum and will lead firms to innovate in this direction as well. Getaways, switches, access points and cloud-based management systems will be more visible in India as more and more firms opt to eliminate cybersecurity. SMB products will not only retain but build their charm owing to their cost-effective nature and accessibility. SMB products enable - Powerful scalability, fast deployment, simplified operations and a strong security — Ensure only the right people can access your network and data,” continued Marthesh.

Business Strategies

Speaking about accelerating the business growth in 2023, Marthesh said, “Times change and businesses must change as well to meet the ever-evolving needs of the customers and to stay profitable. To meet these needs, small and medium businesses rely on tools and service providers that keep up with the times with new solutions and updates that solve the problems of today and tomorrow. And what connects the service providers and customers are Channel partners.”

“We, being a channel-oriented company, understand the importance of our partners and enable them with the right pitch to position our products accurately with our customers. We take their feedback on the market from time to time about products, prices and customer requirements, so that we can work to make it better. In 2023, we aim to grow our top-of-the-line ProAV switches segment. With 5G coming to India we also aim to launch our top-of-the-line WiFi 6E lineup in India for better, faster, more reliable WiFi,” concluded by Marthesh.

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