MSI Core Values Has Always Been In-Line with Luxurious Aesthetics and Extreme Performance

MSI Core Values Has Always Been In-Line with Luxurious Aesthetics and Extreme Performance

The exponential growth of Indian gaming market has surprised everyone and now the stakeholders are betting big on new technologies to capitalize the emerging opportunities. MSI is one of the biggest market players in gaming segment. In year 2023, the brand eyes on robust growth with support from its large partner base across India.

Major Trends to Dominate

Gaming is currently one of the fastest growing market in India. The youngsters are taking up eSports as profession whereas brands are investing a lot to build effective ecosystem. Taking on the growth trend in Gaming market, Bruce Lin, Regional Marketing Manager, MSI said, “As we are already into 2023, a key technology trend that we anticipate to become mainstream and drive the consumer gadgets market in India will be the 16:10 ratio display. This feature will not be beneficial for the creators to create and edit content but practical for all the gamers out there as well. The 16:10 ratio display is something people would love to go for, as it will offer a more viewable area and a broader immersive experience like never before. However, larger displays would require consumers to compromise on portability considering the laptops would fall either under the 17inch / 15inch category. NO More!”

Bruce Lin added, “With 14inch laptops providing the portability of an ultra – slim machine; enough screen size to be productive this segment is only going to grow. Our Stealth 14 is that perfect combination of portability & strong gaming performance with NVIDIA studio certification. RTX technology is another game changer. Earlier, Ray tracing was only for higher-end laptops. With the new RTX technology - 3050; 3050Ti, Ray Tracing is now available for gamers across segments.”

“In addition to this, as we all have started working & creating content on-the-go, portability accompanied by a larger display area and compact ID design, goes well with the statement ‘having the best of both worlds,” further added by Bruce Lin.

Strategies to Accelerate Growth

MSI has been consistently focusing on fostering its position in the Indian market. Talking about the new strategies for 2023, Bruce Lin said, “For us at MSI, the core values have always been in-line with luxurious aesthetics and extreme performance while striving for innovative technology. Having the first mover advantage to introduce the latest tech & innovations, MSI’s Over boost Technology has got tech enthusiasts blown away; questioning performance limits. The technology combines the full potential of your Intel CPU and NVIDIA graphics in place, leaving gamers/creators awe-struck.”

“We are happy that India has officially recognised Esports as a multi-sport event and to further support the movement. MSI has been on a roll to come up with free of cost educational workshops with prominent KOLs & has been proactively organising gaming events to strengthen the esports community. We have also been focusing on the 13th Gen entry models with RTX 3050; 4050 for our potentials customers to get accustomed and have a hands-on experience of the laptops. In order to focus on entry level segment, we plan to expand our customer base and equip them with the latest tech & tools in town,” concluded by Bruce Lin.

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