Microsoft Teams Released New Feature for Real-time Editing in Chat

Microsoft Teams Released New Feature for Real-time Editing in Chat

You can now minimize that open document and just collaborate within your Teams chat using the all-new Loop component! 

Compose and edit anything ranging from an agenda, checklist, table, task list or paragraph, where all participants can edit content together in real time. It’s available in both Teams meeting chat and Teams chat.  

Here’s how: 

1. Select a Loop component:   

Underneath the chat text box, select the Loop component icon to reveal a menu of components. Select a component, such as an agenda

2. Create and send a loop component: 

A draft appears to which you can add a title and start drafting content to share or even leave it as a blank template. You can also edit the sharing permission level at the top, which is usually set to ‘people within your organization with the link can edit.’ Select the text describing the sharing access and you can customize it to ‘people currently in this chat with the link can edit.’ Hit the send icon to start collaborating with chat participants on the Loop component.  

3. Collaborate in chat: 

You can now together edit and view other participants’ changes in real time 

Lastly, Loop components are automatically saved to your OneDrive as a ‘fluid’ file and can be accessed on your Microsoft Teams Chat Files folder on OneDrive.  

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