Microsoft Hosted Roundtable with Industry Experts on ‘Future of Security’

Microsoft Hosted Roundtable with Industry Experts on ‘Future of Security’

With cybersecurity emerging as a growing boardroom priority in organizations and AI transforming industries, businesses have significant potential to leverage AI to adapt to the dynamic threat landscape, thereby fortifying their cyber resilience.

Against this backdrop, and as part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Microsoft hosted a Future of Security curated dialogue with industry experts, on how organisations are leveraging AI to be cyber resilient. Irina Ghose, Managing Director, Microsoft India, was in conversation with Chandan Pani, Chief Information Security Officer, LTIMindtree, and Akshaya Patel, General Manager and CISO, NTPC, on the ways in which AI can be leveraged by businesses to adapt to the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

The roundtable shed light on the critical role AI plays in building scalable solutions to address emerging cyber risks, foster innovation, and transform the cybersecurity ecosystem.

Anchoring this discussion, Microsoft expressed its commitment to cybersecurity, underpinned by its dedication to Responsible AI development. Irina Ghose, Managing Director, Microsoft India, said, “Security is one of the top two priorities for every organization and will be at the heart of driving innovation sustainably across every industry. At Microsoft, as we think about creating technologies that can change the world, embedding built-in security and responsible AI has been a core tenet for us for many years.”  

During the discussion, Chandan Pani, Chief Information Security Officer, LTIMindtree emphasized the need to view the future of security through a different lens. He said, “Considering rapid changes due to AI, and the widespread adoption of cloud, technology is coming to the personal domain. It is coming to the domains where it was not there earlier. Now, with all those changes, the overall trust in online systems is getting questioned.”

Akshaya Patel, General Manager and CISO, NTPC, noted the increasing digitization across industries and the subsequent rise in security requirements. He said, “Digitization across industries is on the rise, leading to a manifold increase in security requirements. Traditional boundaries are fading, and the integration of AI adds a layer of complexity to the situation.” He added that although the complexity of security threats is increasing due to AI, the same technology can also be harnessed to counter those threats effectively.

The leaders also emphasized the importance of building a culture of cybersecurity for long term organizational success. A model that puts responsibility in the hands of the end-users and enables them with AI and skilling, will be a strong step in strengthening cybersecurity.

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