Meta Global Layoffs Affect India, Top Executives Asked To Leave

Image Source: Freepik
Image Source: Freepik

The global companies are these days focusing more on firing rather than hiring, especially in tech world. They are taking all major steps for cost cut which also includes reducing manpower. Meta this time, in its third round of layoff, has targeted top executives from India as well. According to the reports, formerly Facebook has cut jobs for its 6,000 employees globally, affecting several Indian employees including senior executives.

As per the media reports, Saket Jha Saurabh, Media Partnerships Director, Avinash Pant, Marketing for India Director and Amrita Mukherjee, Legal Director, Meta India, are among those top executives who are asked to go. Moneycontrol first published the report about the elimination of Mukherjee, who happened to be Hotstar’s legal head before joining Meta. The global-level layoff has impacted employees across administration, human resources, marketing, and also other departments in India.

The information about Indian staff layoffs did not come directly from the company initially, rather Surabhi Prakash, Business Engineer, Meta uploaded this on LinkedIn. She posted, “Sad it ended, but glad it happened! The anxiousness is over finally.” This round of employee elimination happened at different levels from all divisions of the company. In the previous cut-off round too verticals from Meta India were significantly impacted.

This year company is following up its strategy “Year of Efficiency” and as part of this Meta is going through a restructuring program, where it has cut costs on Wednesday. This third round of firing off has mostly affected the business departments of Meta at a global level.

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder, and CEO of Meta, informed about the company’s decision to cut off 10,000 jobs during two rounds of job cuts around April and May. Last year in November, Meta has already eliminated 11,000 employees. Overall, 21,000 workers have been rusticated from their jobs across departments from this social network. Meta, the tech giant has already dropped around 4,000 from the planned 10,000 employees last month, keeping 6,000 positions already open for chopping off.

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