Manage Meeting Overload With Intelligent Recap, A New Feature In Teams Premium

Manage Meeting Overload With Intelligent Recap, A New Feature In Teams Premium

Findings from the Microsoft Work Trend Index Report show that 76% of Indian workers say they don’t have enough time and energy to get their work done.

Here’s where Intelligent Recap comes in to help manage meeting overload, fragmented conversations, and the burden of coordination. By leveraging AI, it automatically provides a comprehensive overview of your meeting, helping users save time catching up and coordinating next steps.

It provides AI-powered insights such as:

1. AI-generated Notes:

This allows users to see key points and takeaways after the meeting, automatically created and powered by GPT. Follow-up is also easy with AI-generated tasks and action items automatically suggested for you.

2. Personalized time markers:

Meeting recordings are an incredible tool to catch up on discussions you missed, but setting aside the time to watch them in their entirety is more than a small challenge. Now users can navigate efficiently to the parts of the recording most relevant to them through personalized timeline markers—only visible to the individual user—which show when their name was mentioned, when a screen was shared, and when they joined and left the meeting.

3. Speaker timeline markers:

This shows who spoke during the meeting, when they spoke, and allows users to jump to that moment. Speaker timeline markers are intelligently organized by who the user works most closely with.

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