Kaspersky Tops Q3 2023 SE Labs Test with Perfect Scores in Anti-Malware Protection

Kaspersky Tops Q3 2023 SE Labs Test with Perfect Scores in Anti-Malware Protection

Kaspersky cybersecurity products earned maximum points from independent testing company SE Labs in the third quarter of 2023. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, Kaspersky Small Office Security and Kaspersky Plus were put through the SE Labs test for anti-malware protection of business and home endpoints. The products scored top points after dealing with publicly available email and web-based threats like those used by cybercriminals to attack Windows PCs by tricking users into running files or scripts that download and run malicious software.

Kaspersky Small Office Security and Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business were tested in the “small business” and the “enterprise” categories respectively, while Kaspersky Plus was submitted in the “home” segment. These attack scenarios were created by SE Labs to mimic the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by real world cybercriminals.

All Kaspersky products received the highest number of points – 400 – in the “Protection Accuracy Rating” after detecting and blocking all threats that could compromise the system, and the ultimate 736 points were earned in the “Legitimate Accuracy Ratings” as the products classified legitimate applications and URLs correctly based on the interactions each product had with the user. Thus, “Total Accuracy Rating” was again achieved by the three products, with the maximum possible 1136 points, indicating the 100% effectiveness of Kaspersky anti-malware protection. Kaspersky products received the “AAA” award and took first place in their categories.

Kaspersky has been regularly participating in the SE Labs quarterly test. In addition to the third quarter results, all Kaspersky products earned the highest score in SE Labs’ first quarter assessment. In 2022, the examined products for enterprise, small business and consumers also scored maximum points and reached the first place in three out four quarters, demonstrating a 100% protection and stability score, as well as achieved the highest “AAA” rating.  

“Malware is growing and an increasing amount is being detected every day. Many new types of attacks are discovered that had never been seen before. Hackers constantly develop new methods, so businesses and consumers are increasingly subject to new attacks. We not only explore the threat landscape ourselves and study new types of malware in order to improve our products and solutions, but we also participate in testing by third-party independent companies. This ensures that we consistently stay one step ahead of threats and ensure that our customers are fully protected. We regularly assess our products in SE Labs and are happy to get confirmation of the highest efficiency of all our products tested against all types of threats.” comments Vladimir Kuskov, Head of Anti-Malware Research at Kaspersky.

“We regularly test cyber security products for their ability to protect consumer and business endpoints from the newest types of attacks. Kaspersky proves its 100% anti-malware protection year after year, regularly gaining maximum scores and winning the top awards. In the third quarter of this year, it again achieved the highest Total Accuracy Ratings and coveted AAA awards.Congratulations!” comments Simon Edwards, Founder and CEO of SE Labs.

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