International Data Center Day 2024: Highlights Critical Role of Data Centers in India's Digital Transformation Journey

International Data Center Day 2024: Highlights Critical Role of Data Centers in India's Digital Transformation Journey

Today, on International Data Center Day, we celebrate the critical role of data centers in India's digital transformation journey. As the country embraces rapid technological advancements, data centers are at the forefront of storing, processing, and managing massive volumes of data across various industries in India. This Data Center Day serves as a reminder of the importance of safeguarding these facilities against potential cybersecurity threats. On this important day, IT leaders from leading brands have shared their views with DT. Check out their comments below.

“We Want to Strengthen The Trust Which Our Partners And Customers Have On Dell Technologies to Simplify Their Data Needs”

“Datacenters play a pivotal role as catalysts for digital transformation and will be the harbinger for the next-generation of tech-led businesses in India. According to a report by NASSCOM, datacenter investments in the country are expected to reach around USD 5 Billion per annum by 2025, positioning Inda as a strategic market for infrastructure. As AI, security needs and new-age technologies like cloud, change the landscape, datacenters will be the element that business leaders’ factor-in for steering progress and innovation at the workplace. This International Data Center Day, we see an opportunity to bring these crucial conversations to the forefront of the industries. 

Datacenters have become central to the growth of the enterprises willing to successfully put data to work. At Dell Technologies, we understand the challenges of managing data across various environments. We want to strengthen the trust which our partners and customers have on Dell Technologies to simplify their data needs and support business outcomes. This is why we offer solutions that simplify this process, enabling faster access and processing. Our turnkey solution streamlines purchase, deployment, and lifecycle management, specifically designed to handle large data volumes with exceptional performance. By optimizing AI foundations with our scalable data platform, businesses can realize more opportunities for their AI and GenAI initiatives. Additionally, our integrated supply chain security and Zero Trust architecture ensure a secure environment for the future of work”. - Mr. Anil Sethi, Vice President, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies India.

“Our Innovative Solutions Empower Businesses to Secure Their Data With Confidence, Ensuring Integrity And Trustworthiness”

“In India, where digital transformation is rapidly advancing, data centers play a crucial role in storing, processing, and managing vast amounts of data. But increasing dependence also means that strong cybersecurity protections are desperately needed. This Data Center Day, we take an opportunity to highlight conversations around the need to ensure security of data centers in India. Cyber threats are evolving, and data centers must adapt to protect against breaches, data theft, and disruptions. Ensuring the security of data centers is not just about safeguarding information but also about safeguarding India's digital future.”

“Data centers are a crucial element of entry-point security, when it comes to extension of trust through ecosystems such as software supply chains and digital content provenance. A complex and diverse mix of hardware, operating systems, and standards exists and there is a high variance in form factor and memory needs from small to large workloads. We at DigiCert, take our commitment to securing critical infrastructure very seriously and our innovative solutions empower businesses to secure their data with confidence, ensuring integrity and trustworthiness. DigiCert Device Trust is able to address security challenges at each step of the device security lifecycle, providing customers with a means to manage device identity, secure connections, prevent device tampering, and update firmware and settings remotely and securely once in the field. As a leader in digital trust, DigiCert can help companies apply the building blocks of digital trust (standards, compliance and operations, trust management and connected trust) very effectively.” – Mr. Anant Deshpande, Regional Vice President, India & SAARC, DigiCert.

“At Equinix, We Recognize That Data Centers Are The Backbone Of Our Interconnected Society”

“On International Data Center Day, we celebrate the integral role data centers play in shaping our digital world and fostering thriving communities. Today, data centers enable everything from content streaming and social media to automated manufacturing and global logistics. At Equinix, we recognize that data centers are more than just physical structures - they are the backbone of our interconnected society, driving economic growth and social progress. Our commitment to empowering communities starts with providing equitable job opportunities. Through initiatives like our Career Pathways Program, we bridge the gap between underrepresented groups and rewarding careers in the data center industry. By valuing diversity and inclusivity, we cultivate a stronger, more resilient workforce poised to meet the evolving demands of the digital age.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of supporting local businesses and economies. The benefits to the local economy start before the new data center even opens its doors. From the design and construction phase to ongoing operations, data centers a wide array of skilled labor and professional support - everyone from engineers to architects and general contractors to electricians. These workers are often hired from local small businesses, stimulating economic activity and creating jobs, by bolstering the broader ecosystem. But our impact extends beyond economic considerations. We're dedicated to closing the digital divide by promoting digital literacy and ensuring equitable access to connectivity. Ensuring equitable access to digital connectivity will be essential to creating healthy, functioning communities in the decades to come.

By collaborating with our ecosystem partners and investing in community-based initiatives, we’re empowering individuals and communities to thrive in an increasingly connected world. We’ve partnered with companies like Dell Technologies and BT to co-fund organizations working in digital equity and inclusion. Through the Equinix Foundation, we are funding organizations in 34 of our metros around the world, as well as many regional and global nonprofits. On this occasion, we reaffirm our commitment to driving positive change and enabling big possibilities - for our customers, our communities, and the world at large.” – Ms. Rey Banks, Head of State and Local Public Policy & Government Affairs, Equinix.

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