HP’s CLAP Initiative Reaches New Heights, Empowers Over 350,000 Individuals in Rural India

HP’s CLAP Initiative Reaches New Heights, Empowers Over 350,000 Individuals in Rural India

Continuing its commitment to enhancing digital equity, HP's CLAP (Creating Learning and Advancement Possibilities) initiative has emerged as a beacon of technological empowerment for rural education in India. With the deployment of 30 fully equipped mobile learning centers, HP's CLAP initiative has transformed the education landscape across 200 Indian villages, impacting more than 350,000 individuals.

On a global scale, HP has already made remarkable strides in accelerating digital equity for more than 21 million people, with a grand vision to impact 150 million by the year 2030. At the heart of this transformation are HP India initiatives, driving digital education and empowerment. With strategic programs, investments, and partnerships, HP focuses on eradicating the digital divide for women, girls, marginalized groups, and educators – a move that champions equal access to education and economic prospects.

Gurpreet Singh Brar, Vice President, HP India market said, “We firmly believe that addressing the digital divide is a stepping stone toward a more inclusive society. Our ongoing efforts will continue to drive positive change, foster sustainability, and work towards building a more inclusive digital ecosystem that benefits all members of the community. By empowering individuals with the ability to navigate and harness technology, we aim to break down barriers and unlock new avenues for growth and development."

Amidst these endeavors, HP's transformative impact becomes even more pronounced with its World on Wheels (WoW) program. HP's solar-powered mobile learning labs have penetrated remote corners, bringing digital literacy, education, entrepreneurship, and citizen services to those who need them most. These labs, equipped with HP technology, have directly benefited around 650,000 people in rural areas. Additionally, The HP Accessible Learning for All (ALFA) program is another crucial endeavor. It strives to equip over 2,000 classrooms and introduce cutting-edge laboratories in government- and NGO-run schools. By doing so, it has significantly elevated the quality of education for more than 620 thousand students, promoting digital learning and nurturing the future generation's potential.

Further underlining its commitment, HP Common Service Labs (CSL), established in remote and underserved locations, provides healthcare, education, and essential services to communities in need. These solar-powered centers, equipped with telemedicine facilities, have reached approximately 12936 people in the last two years, underscoring HP's commitment to leaving no one behind.

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