How to Avoid AnyDesk Scams? Know Tips & Tricks Here

How to Avoid AnyDesk Scams? Know Tips & Tricks Here

Exercising caution while downloading any application, especially remote desktop software like AnyDesk is essential to avoid falling victim to scams or malicious activities. The software is used by many company support agents and is a favourite tool for scammers to fool innocent people too. The most dangerous thing about this scam is that even after tricking the victim, scammers still have access to the victim’s device.

What is AnyDesk?

AnyDesk is a legalized software solution designed for remote computer and mobile device access and control, mainly for tech support purposes. For instance, in a corporate setup, AnyDesk enables IT professionals to remotely access and troubleshoot technical issues on employees' devices, facilitating efficient problem diagnosis and resolution.

Is It Safe?

There are not any official scams associated with AnyDesk itself. The AnyDesk is a trustworthy application that prioritizes the security of your personal information. And, "AnyDesk’s remote access scam," is a separate issue, where fraudsters falsely gain access to your computer or phone by trapping you in their strategy. Further, they proceed to attempt to steal your personal information and financial assets.

How Does AnyDesk Fraud?

AnyDesk scams fall under the technical support category scams, where perpetrators manipulate the target into downloading the AnyDesk application. This action grants scammers remote access to their victims' devices.

This is how they execute their malicious act:

1.      Scammers contact the victim claiming to be from a technical support team. They might be using texts, emails, or phone calls pretending to be from some large and reputed company or bank. In some cases, you might be taken to a fake website showing you a warning pop-up about your device being hacked.

2.      Then, after convincing you that your device is being hacked or affected by malware. The scammers claim that someone is misusing your identity to commit the crime.

3.      After creating such an urgent situation, they offer to resolve the issue. You will be guided to download the application, and then scammers ask for the secret PIN number. Now they have access to your device.

4.      Now that they have access, they steal all sensitive data and money through your device.

Possibilities What Scammers Can Do While Remote Handling Your Device?

Remote access software allows scammers to use your device the way you do. In this way, cybercriminals can:

1.      Search your device and steal sensitive files, documents, and photos

2.      Use your device to have access to digital accounts if your passwords have been saved into the devices

3.      Can spy on you while you are entering any online passwords, and copy every password you type

4.      Install malware into your device

5.      Blackmail or extort the victim over sensitive data or files at the cost of demanding money and threatening to leak your sensitive data online

6.      Use your identity to trick your family members or friends into having access to your close contacts and pretend to be you while fooling your people


Never ever fall for the urgent or unstable situation created by cyber criminals and click on any link or reach any unknown website without gaining all the information about the same. AnyDesk scam is just an example, there are many such cybercrimes and many more to come, you just have to think twice before touching any link or website. 

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