Dell Technologies Empowers Students with 'Back to School & College' Campaign, Enabling Ideas to Reality

Dell Technologies Empowers Students with 'Back to School & College' Campaign, Enabling Ideas to Reality

Dell Technologies announced its new 'Back to School & College' campaign, demonstrating the PC as a transformative tool that enables students to turn their ideas into reality. As a company with a purpose to drive human potential and a speciality in digital transformation, Dell has a unique role to play in addressing the issue of connecting underrepresented groups to skills and resources, delivering the benefits of technology for all.

Celebrating the spirit of today's young minds in driving social innovation, the campaign includes two brand films that highlight how technology can drive positive change and promote community upliftment. Conceived by VML, the campaign is a continuation of Dell’s ethos of the ‘Doing is the New Learning’ series from previous years and falls under the foundation of Dell's #PC4Education initiative, which aligns with the company's vision of using technology to drive human progress.

Announcing the campaign, Mayuri Saikia, Director of Marketing, Consumer and Small Business, Dell Technologies, India, said, “Today, learning extends beyond the classroom. India’s young learners are stepping out, driven by a desire to make a real difference in society and the country. They are the future problem solvers and thinkers, passionate about creating meaningful change. At Dell, we are inspired by these ambitious students and are committed to providing them with the technology they need to fulfil their purpose. Our campaign celebrates this spirit of innovation and reinforces our belief that young minds have enormous potential to steer our country towards progress and a brighter future.”

The two brand films, “Lamps” and “Mountains”, tell the stories of three students who come up with novel solutions to pressing subjects. The first film focuses on a young boy who, along with his friends, is inspired by a story of triumph over adversity to embark on a mission to improve access to light for children in rural communities. Using Dell's G15 laptop, he creates a design for handmade solar lamps and travels to the community with his friends to present the lamps to the children, alleviating their worries about studying without sufficient light. The second film highlights a young girl who understands the power of teamwork to address the waste issue in the mountains. With the help of Dell's Inspiron 14 Plus, she and her friends create a microsite and design a logo called “Summit Savers” to organize a clean-up drive. This initiative turns into a success, drawing many participants who come together to make a difference.

The campaign will take an omni-channel approach, with brand films going live on Dell's social media channels today. The videos will be promoted on multiple social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & ShareChat catering to India & Bharat segments in Hinglish and 4 regional languages. Dell will also reinitiate last year’s schools student connect program, “Doing Good Series 2.0”, in collaboration with leading radio stations and other media networks, featuring stories of young innovators driving change in various fields. This initiative will cover stories of over 100+ student ambassadors in tier 1 cities, which will be promoted on radio, social, and will reach thousands of students. To bring the campaign's concept to life, Dell is organizing a cleanup campaign in the Aravalli Hills to encourage mountain conservation and interact with both regular tourists and those who may visit other hills in the near future.

Catch the official videos here:



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