“Crucial By Micron Has Truly Established Itself As The Number One Storage Brand In India”

“Crucial By Micron Has Truly Established Itself As The Number One Storage Brand In India”

Today, Micron stands out as a premier brand, offering wide range of products and excellence customer support. Micron has earned its reputation for excellence by offering state-of-the-art, reliable, and cost-effective products. This commitment to quality has made Micron the preferred choice among customers, solidifying its position as a leader in the market. The company has cemented its position across India. In Telangana, Micron has a strong base of valuable channel partners who have contributed to its growth. To dive deep into Micron’s growth trajectory, DT talked to Mr. Krishna Patel, Proprietor, AV Infoline, a Micron partner. He shared insights about the overall growth, their partnership, future opportunities and much more.

A Successful Business Journey with Strong Trust

Crucial by Micron has earned a reputation as one of the most partner-centric brands in the industry. Its commitment to partner success is underscored by its favourable policies. Krishna Patel, Proprietor, AV Infoline, shared his perspective on the business growth with Micron, stating, "We partnered with Micron in 2020, and our experience has been truly fantastic. Since associating with Micron, we have achieved almost 20% revenue growth. Today, we are delighted to be associated with Micron, undoubtedly the leading storage brand in India.”

He further added, “This extraordinary growth can be attributed to excellent customer support, reliable products, extensive market reach, and innovative offerings. We are confident that the company will continue to thrive in the coming years, and we eagerly anticipate continuing our partnership with Micron. Crucial by Micron has truly established itself as the number one storage brand in India. Its exponential growth trajectory is undeniable, and it is poised to expand even further in the coming years.”

Strong Support Driving Partner Success

Commenting on the support provided by Micron, he said, “We are highly satisfied with the support offered by the Micron team. They have been incredibly helpful to us whenever we need assistance. Their marketing campaigns, product awareness efforts, and partner programs have all contributed significantly to our ability to sell products more effectively. The team consistently provides us with exceptional support in these areas. Additionally, we receive timely product supply without any inventory delays. This ensures that all products remain readily available, meeting customer demands effectively. Working with Crucial by Micron has been a highly enjoyable experience for us.”

Product Demand Continues to Rise Across Sectors

“Crucial by Micron has an impressive product lineup that effectively meet the needs of every customer segment. In each customer segment, Crucial RAM and SSDs are highly preferred due to the almost zero failure rate and excellent performance. Furthermore, the price of Micron's products is highly competitive. No other brand can match the affordability that Micron offers. This aggressive pricing, combined with the exceptional quality and performance of Micron products, has significantly contributed to the ever-increasing demand for their products. Crucial by Micron is offering reliable products at attractive prices without compromising on quality,” he stated.

Year on Year Growth

“We are experiencing year-on-year growth, thanks to the great support from Micron. Our goal is to further expand this growth trajectory. In the financial year 2023-24, we achieved a remarkable revenue of 20 crores, a significant milestone for us. Looking ahead to the next financial year, 2024-25, our target is to achieve a revenue of 30-40 crore, and it seems achievable,” he concluded.

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