“Crucial by Micron Has Become Customers’ Most Preferred Storage Solution Brand”

“Crucial by Micron Has Become Customers’ Most Preferred Storage Solution Brand”

In the ever-changing and competitive market landscape, Crucial by Micron is growing exponentially in the Indian market. With combination of cutting-edge innovations, affordability, and best-in-class service support, Crucial by Micron has not only garnered customers’ attention but has also secured a substantial market share. The success story of Crucial by Micron is a testament to its dedication to providing best-in-class products that cater to a wide spectrum of consumers. 

However, behind this remarkable achievement lies a crucial factor that often goes unnoticed – the invaluable contribution of its channel partners. These partners work as backbone for the growth of Crucial by Micron. Like all other regions, Micron is focusing strongly on Bihar due to growth opportunities that exist in this market. Super Computer is one of the valued channel partner of Micron in Bihar and in an exclusive conversation with Uttam Mallick, Proprietor, Super Computer, DT was able to gain important insights about Micron’s growth in Bihar, product quality, demand and growth opportunities.

Experiencing Remarkable Business Growth

Micron is one of the trusted brands among channel partners across India. The brand provides appropriate support to its partners which makes it most preferred brand in the market. While talking to DT about business journey with Crucial by Micron, Uttam Mallick, Proprietor, Super Computer said, “We started the business with Crucial by Micron 2 years back and its been a great journey so far. The growth we've witnessed in our business during this time has been truly outstanding. Product demand is good which allows us to increase our revenue. It has been an amazing journey and we wish to continue this ahead. We are overwhelmed with the response we have been receiving while selling their products.”

He further added, “Undoubtedly, a big factor that has contributed to our success is the endless support we receive from Crucial by Micron sales and marketing team. In case if we face any challenges, the brand's commitment to assisting us on all fronts has been instrumental. It gives us the confidence to navigate obstacles and emerge stronger each time. We are filled with a profound sense of distinction and immense joy as a valued channel partner. Since partnering with Micron, our revenue has taken a remarkable leap, and as time progresses, we anticipate this upward trajectory to continue, a prospect that genuinely fills us with excitement.”

Diverse Product Range with Good Market Demand

Product quality matters the most for any brand as it directly impacts its brand reputation among customers. Sharing his views on the product range of Micron being offered and customer demand in the market, he said, “Currently we deal in all the products of Micron i.e. MX series, NVMe, M.2, and etc. We receive pretty good response from customers due to excellent quality and almost zero failure rate. The products offer exceptional speed, performance and quality. It helps us in selling more products to a broad customer base. The customer retention ratio is 100% and it is a huge benchmark for any brand. Customers come to us and ask for Micron products only. Our sales graph is consistently increasing and our aim is to keep up this growth trajectory.”

He further added, “The trust of customers on Crucial by Micron has been constantly increasing which highlight the brand's commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation. I can confidently say that there is no competition to Crucial by Micron as far as quality and reliability is concerned.”

Best Brand to Work With

Crucial by Micron has been catering to all customer segments. Its products have made a unique identity in the market which helps its partners to grow their business. Talking about Micron’s rising prominence, Uttam Mallick added, “Crucial by Micron has made its unique identity due to excellent product range and best-in-class service support. Also, when it comes to supporting its partners, Micron always stay ahead. By delivering the products on time and providing all the important details about products, Micron ensures its partners are able to sell the products at full capacity. Also, they share information about new schemes that are really helpful for us to understand the marketing plans. For product training, we regularly get short videos from the marketing team through which we easily understand the product details and features. No doubt, Crucial by Micron has become customers most preferred storage solution brand.”

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