“Crucial Branded Products Offer Best-In-Class Performance Which Plays A Decisive Role In Its Success”

“Crucial Branded Products Offer Best-In-Class Performance Which Plays A Decisive Role In Its Success”

The Indian storage solutions market is witnessing remarkable growth, fueled by escalating demands across various sectors such as gaming, content creation, and professional industries. Amidst intense competition, Micron distinguishes itself with its innovative and high-performance product lineup. Micron's influence in the Gujarat market is further strengthened by a robust network of valuable partners who consistently contribute to its success. Mr. Kishor Kataria, Director, Earth Syscom Pvt Ltd, sheds light on the IT market landscape in Gujarat and Micron's expanding presence in an exclusive conversation with DT. Read this exclusive story to know more about this company's growth in the hyper-competitive market.

Fruitful Journey with Impressive Growth

Micron stands as one of the trusted brands in India, offering substantial support to its channel partners across India. In a conversation with DT about the business journey with Crucial by Micron, Mr. Kishor Kataria said, “Since Micron entered the Indian market, we've been proud partners, and the journey has been incredibly rewarding. The support from Micron has been instrumental, fostering a robust and positive business relationship. We're delighted with the association, and our collaboration has resulted in remarkable growth. In the last quarter alone, we experienced an impressive 35% increase in our business. This success solidifies our commitment to continuing and nurturing this valuable partnership, foreseeing even greater achievements on the horizon. We look forward to the continued collaboration and mutual success with Micron.”

Thriving Demand for Micron's Diverse Product Range

Putting across his views on the product portfolio and the response of customers towards Micron products, he said, “Micron has a pretty good range of products under its portfolio which is quite popular among customers in Gujarat. As we see today, Micron has emerged as the leading storage solutions brand in Gujarat and it occupies over 75% market share in this region. Currently, we are selling Crucial branded RAM and SSDs which is giving us optimum growth and we have registered an increase in our revenue. These products are compatible with all devices and perform really well. Also, Crucial by Micron has a good range of products for all customer segments, helping them to stay ahead.”

He further added, “Crucial branded products offer best-in-class performance which plays a decisive role in its success. The availability of the product is also good so customers do not need to wait for the products as they are easily available in the market. The price and service support are also some of the factors that are helping Micron in retaining its customers. No other brand has the service support and pricing like Micron.”

Micron's Dominating Performance

“Crucial by Micron has completely outperformed its competitors due to its high-performance storage products. Over the years, Crucial by Micron has been consistently growing and we are very happy with this as we are also enjoying this success. The products have zero failure rate and the competitive pricing has also helped Micron to sustain in this challenging market. We are really proud to sell Crucial by Micron products and wish to continue this partnership in the coming years. There is now other brand close to Micron in delivering such an advanced product to customers who are seeking to upgrade their PCs with top-notched storage solutions,” he stated.

Seamless Business Growth

Expressing his views about the business growth and relationship with the brand Micron, he said, "Micron is great at helping its partners succeed. They make sure to send products on time with all the important information, so partners can sell them well. Micron also shares helpful details about new schemes and marketing plans. They provide easy-to-understand product training through short videos from the marketing team. This support has made Crucial by Micron the favorite storage solution brand for customers, showing that it's reliable and liked by many. Micron's dedication to keeping partners informed and prepared sets them apart and makes Crucial a top choice in the market.”

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