Check Out 4 AI-Driven Upcoming Teams Features That Will Redefine Workplace Collaboration

Check Out 4 AI-Driven Upcoming Teams Features That Will Redefine Workplace Collaboration

It’s evident that AI helps level up work, but not in a way that replaces humans or takes away agency. In fact, AI can tame complexity, eliminate drudgery, and reclaim time at work. It can help you connect dots across content, enhance collaboration, and unleash creativity. 

At this year’s Microsoft Ignite event, new features were announced for Microsoft Teams that aim to revolutionize the way users work and communicate. 

Here are 4 upcoming AI-powered Teams features that will transform workplace collaboration: 

1.        Combining the power of Copilot in meetings and Whiteboard: 

In early 2024, Copilot will be able to visualize spoken discussion points and organize them in Whiteboard. Copilot can turn meeting participants’ spoken ideas and topics into a visual collaboration space in Whiteboard, shared across all meeting participants. Copilot captures and organizes discussions, suggesting additional ideas for an immersive collaboration space in Whiteboard.  

2.        Copilot in Collaborative notes: 

Copilot in Teams meetings will take notes in real-time, shared across all participants. You can add shared meeting notes and agenda items in Collaborative notes. Collaborative notes are Loop components which stay in sync across all the places they've been shared. Copilot in Teams meetings will provide real-time notes shared across all participants in Collaborative notes. Synced across shared spaces, Copilot takes live notes, letting meeting attendees focus on discussions. 

3.        Intelligent recap integration with Copilot: 

Intelligent recap helps you catch up on the meetings you missed by providing a summary of the key points, action items, and decisions. Intelligent recap will be integrated into Copilot allowing users to ask specific questions about the meeting and get clear answers. Integrated with Copilot, it will provide a summary of key points, action items, and decisions.  

4.        Custom channel announcement background: 

Channels bring people, content, and tools together to cultivate workplace knowledge, improve teamwork and co-innovate in a single place. Each channel post is as important as the other, so how do you make one stand out? Users will soon be able to create personalized announcement backgrounds with images, descriptions, or let AI generate a creative backdrop. 

Stay tuned for a transformative Teams experience that's set to launch you into a new era of productivity! 

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