Celebrate Holi with ASUS: Unleash the colours of gaming, computing, and fashion!

Celebrate Holi with ASUS: Unleash the colours of gaming, computing, and fashion!

ASUS proudly presents a lineup of revolutionary products designed to redefine your gaming experience, elevate your computing endeavours, and complement your style effortlessly. From the ultimate gaming companion, the ASUS ROG Ally, to the serene computing delight of the Marshmallow Keyboard and Mouse, and from the style-meets-strength of the Slash Backpack to the functionality with flair of the ASUS URBN Backpack, ASUS has curated some colourful offerings for you that are perfect to gift your loved ones this Holi.

1.       Marshmallow Keyboard and Mouse - Silent Computing Delight:

Experience quiet computing with the ASUS Marshmallow Keyboard KW100 and Marshmallow Mouse MD100. The KW100 offers a comfortable typing experience with silent switches and versatile connectivity of up to three devices, be it Windows, Chrome, MacOS, iOS systems. Meanwhile, the MD100 boasts a vibrant design, quiet-click buttons, and long battery life, tested for 10 million clicks. Choose from multicolor sets and a magnetic top cover, to switch between colors to match your style, while the antimicrobial guard ensures cleanliness by inhibiting bacterial growth on the surface. Whether you are working in a bustling office or studying in a quiet library, these accessories ensure minimal disturbance and maximum comfort across various operating systems.


Marshmallow Keyboard priced at INR 2,899

Marshmallow Mouse priced at INR 1,499

Available on: ASUS Exclusive Stores, ASUS Eshop & Flipkart

2.       ROG Ally - The Ultimate Gaming Companion:

Designed to redefine portable gaming, this handheld device is powered by the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor, delivering unparalleled performance that catapults you into the heart of every gaming universe. The stunning 120 Hz Full HD touchscreen display and AMD RDNA 3 graphics, brings AAA gaming to the palm of your hand with breathtaking clarity and precision for extraordinary gaming realism and unrivalled visual immersion. The revolutionary ROG Zero Gravity thermal system allows the ROG Ally to stay cool and composed even during the most intense gaming sessions. Stay connected with the Wi-Fi 6E support for a rock-solid network, connect to a TV for couch co-op sessions, or pair with the ROG XG Mobile suite and engage in multiplayer battles on your favourite games. Whether you are indulging in solo adventures, rallying with friends for multiplayer showdowns, the ROG Ally is your ultimate gaming companion.

Price: INR 59,990 (Available on: ASUS Exclusive Stores, ASUS e-shop & Flipkart)

3.       Slash Backpack - Style and Strength Combined:

Make a statement with the ASUS Slash Backpack this festive season. Its 19.4L cargo capacity, large enough to accommodate a full-size 17" laptop with room to spare. There are multiple internal pockets to store a day's worth of supplies and a quick-access zipper for easy access to the main compartment. The backpack fabric is of water-repellent material for protection and longevity. It has an adjustable shoulder strap with a 360-degree snap hook and duraflex buckles. The dedicated laptop divider and numerous exterior pockets make it easy to find what you need. The backpack is a full-sized pack but with a detachable sling bag for added Quick access and multiple internal pockets make it perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. Crafted from water-repellent material, it is both stylish and durable. Adjustable shoulder straps and a detachable sling bag add to its versatility.

Price: INR 6,999 (Available on: ASUS Exclusive Stores, ASUS Eshop, Flipkart & Amazon)

4.       ASUS URBN Backpack - Functionality with Flair:

For the modern go-getter, the ASUS brings the perfect blend of style and functionality, and if you are looking for a gift that embodies function, design and comfort, the ASUS URBN traveller backpacks- the AP1600 16โ€ and AP1601 16โ€ is one to go for. These new addition in the URBN backpack series exude an elegance that is set firm in contemporary design for urban professionals. With two large front pockets, an 18L carrying capacity, alongside two internal accessory pockets, this backpack is perfect for those who value practicality but in style. The ASUS AP1600 Backpack dons an elite midnight blue colour that is suitable for 16โ€ ROG/ASUS laptops whereas the ASUS AP1601 Backpack sports charcoal grey colour that pleases the eyes is most compatible with the 15.3โ€ ROG/ASUS laptops.


ASUS AP1600 Backpack priced at INR 849

ASUS AP1601 Backpack priced at INR 719

Available on: ASUS Exclusive Stores, ASUS Eshop & Flipkart

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