Blinkit Temporarily Closes Few Stores in Delhi-NCR Amidst Delivery Partners Protest

Blinkit Temporarily Closes Few Stores in Delhi-NCR Amidst Delivery Partners Protest
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Zomato owned Blinkit is not delivering its orders at blink. People trying to attempt orders from past three days only to come up for the same revert every time ‘temporarily unavailable’  or ‘sorry, can’t take your order.’ Reason behind this is the protest its delivery partners have organized against lowest pay structure after revision.

50 stores of the grocery delivery firm Blinkit has been shut in Delhi-NCR regional area. Recently, the delivery partners of the unit are showing disagreement towards the latest pay scale which has brought down to ₹15/delivery, at place of ₹25/delivery. Meanwhile customers trying to place their order via Blinkit are greeted with the one liner massage, "Due to excess demand, temporarily unavailable."

However, Blinkit is begging apologies for such disrupted service through its official Twitter handle:

Yet, the dissatisfied consumers are sharing videos and reactions through social media, showing dissatisfaction on the inconvenience caused due to this move of the unit. See the reactions here:

BJP representative Kapil Mishra lashes out at Blinkit management to address the issue and tweeted, “Some Blinkit employees met me today. The injustice Blinkit is doing to its employees is illegal. The Blinkit management is playing with the lives of lakhs of families. It must implement the old payment structure immediately. Reduction from ₹25 per delivery to ₹10-15 is cheating with the employees.”

Moreover, the controversy is escalating day by day and in this case, Ex-BharatPe founder and popular judge from Shark Tank India show, Ashneer Grover has shared his opinion. In his tweet, he said, “BlinkIt / Zepto - problem is not ₹15 for delivery against ₹50. Problem is 10Min delivery has no economics - low ticket size and low margin can never be solved through forced low delivery cost. BlinkIt journey : 90 Min (bull run) —> Next day (bear run) —> 10 Min (bull run) —> ??”

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