ASUS Anticipates 5-10% Surge in Festival Season Sales Over Last Year

ASUS Anticipates 5-10% Surge in Festival Season Sales Over Last Year

The festive season has arrived, and with it, the anticipation of a manifold increase in market demand during this quarter. ASUS stands ready with its extensive product portfolio to meet this surge in consumer needs. While putting across his views about the market landscape during festive quarter, Mr. Arnold Su, Vice President-PC & Gaming Business, ASUS India said, “We are seeing growth for our consumer and gaming laptops on both online as well as offline touchpoints. With positive consumer sentiments, and the availability of easy finance options, people are willing to spend on discretionary items which is resulting in strong demand recovery in the laptops market. Further, the ease of global component supplies has significantly improved recently, translating into the quick availability of final products for consumers and offering a seamless customer experience.

He further stated, “Our overall expectations for this festive season are optimistic and are thrilled to witness a strong preference for ASUS PCs in the country during the ongoing festive season. Asus is expecting a 5-10 per cent increase in sales during the festival season compared to last year. It is also hoping to up its market share.”

Market Strategy to Enhance Business Growth in Q4

As a leading player in the tech industry, ASUS is well-prepared to address the increased consumer demand during the festive season. With its extensive portfolio of innovative and high-quality tech products, ASUS is poised to meet the diverse needs of consumers during this special time of year. Commenting on the growth plans for Q4 CY2023, he said, “ASUS has been at the forefront of bringing innovations and state-of-the-art products in the country. We introduced gaming PCs and a dedicated product line up for content creators laden with features to support the upcoming creator economy in the country.  For the next few years, we will continue to harness our innovation first approach that was reflective in the launch of products like ROG Ally, India’s first windows-based gaming console and will also be witnessed in the upcoming launches.”

“Our products have been designed to address and cater to the evolving needs of Indian consumers powered by enhanced performance, design, and features that resonate with consumers. To ensure that our products reach consumers and potential buyers, we have also been investing in setting up a robust offline channel in addition to our online store. We are launching a series of ASUS Exclusive and ASUS Select stores to reach over 750 districts with a keen emphasis to amp our presence in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. We believe this offline expansion is pivotal to our growth strategy, particularly in reaching consumers who want to experience the device before they decide to buy. We are closely monitoring market trends and investing in local production. We believe that our product strategy, coupled with an expanded and well-targeted channel promotion, will result in substantial business growth in Q4 2023,” he concluded.

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