Ant Esports Prepares to Unveil Irresistible Festive Offers and Promotions

Ant Esports Prepares to Unveil Irresistible Festive Offers and Promotions

With the arrival of the festive season, a notable surge in market sentiment has emerged, hinting at the potential acceleration in consumer demand for a wide range of products. Ant Esports is a leading brand in the Indian market ready to grab the opportunities. Speaking about the market scenario in the festive season, Mr. Himanshu Jain, Director, Ant Esports said, “At Acro Engineering Company we view the festive season and OND (October, November, December) quarter with great optimism. This period is traditionally marked by increased consumer spending and high market sentiments, and this year is no exception. We are particularly excited about the surge in demand for IoT devices, wearables like TWS earbuds, and consumer electronics such as electric toothbrushes and weighing scales.”

He further added, “Leading brands like Ant Esports and Ant Value have been at the forefront of this trend, offering innovative and high-quality products that resonate with consumers. We anticipate a substantial uptick in sales and revenue during this festive season, driven by these market trends and our strong partnerships with these brands.”

Strategy to Push Growth During OND Quarter

“Our product strategy for Q4 CY 2023 is geared towards capitalizing on the festive spirit and enhancing business growth. We plan to roll out enticing offers and promotions that align seamlessly with the festive theme. These promotions will not only include competitive pricing but also bundle deals, loyalty programs, and extended warranties to provide exceptional value to our customers. In terms of channel promotion, we're focusing on an integrated approach, leveraging both online and offline channels. This includes strategic partnerships with e-commerce platforms, social media campaigns, and in-store displays to create a cohesive brand presence. We are confident that this approach will drive increased sales and bolster our market presence during this crucial quarter,” he concluded.

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