AI Will Touch Every Aspect of The Tech Industry: Arundhati Bhattacharya

AI Will Touch Every Aspect of The Tech Industry: Arundhati Bhattacharya

In the dynamic landscape of technology, businesses undergo significant transformations to seize emerging opportunities. In 2024, new technologies will be a big deal, helping businesses reach their goals. One important tech is AI (Artificial Intelligence) and It's been getting more attention lately. In 2024, it might show us even more promising results. This helps businesses understand their customers, make better decisions, and grow even more.

As we are in 2024, businesses are looking forward to adopting cutting-edge technologies and positioning them to thrive in the digital era. Arundhati Bhattacharya, CEO and Chairperson, Salesforce, India has shared the tech prediction for year 2024 that will dominate the tech landscape. She said, “The coming year presents a massive and exciting opportunity for purpose-driven organizations to better serve their communities as we advance in ways of using AI – but adopting this technology will require funding and expertise. AI will also help fight the climate crisis. We do have some solutions — namely renewable energy sources like solar and wind, as well as EVs — to help.

“And on the Generative AI front - we expect it will hypercharge efficiency, and we will all get familiar with the term “semantic query” and advancement in semantic query (essentially a question written in a ‘human’ language that then gets translated into machine language) which will dramatically change customer service. Businesses can provide quick and meaningful, hyper-personalized service with AI using text, images, videos, and audio for search. Throughout 2024, semantic query will become a cornerstone for AI.”

“Lastly, in the next year, businesses will transform the way they measure performance and productivity to focus on outcomes like products launched or leads generated, instead of inputs. Business leaders have a responsibility to ensure that their teams are equipped with the right resources and support to take advantage of unprecedented opportunities that AI offers. AI will be felt through enhanced productivity within these ever-changing business models. In short - AI will touch every aspect of the tech industry and the markets they serve,” she concluded.

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