AI Integration & Elevated User Experience to Reshape PC Peripherals Market: ASUS

AI Integration & Elevated User Experience to Reshape PC Peripherals Market: ASUS

The flourishing PC peripherals market in India is currently riding the wave of robust growth, primarily propelled by an increasing demand from diverse consumer segments such as gaming enthusiasts, creators, and professionals. This surge is further catalyzed by a growing population of tech-savvy individuals and rising disposable incomes, creating a conducive environment for market expansion.

In this dynamic landscape, gaming peripherals and high-performance accessories have emerged as the frontrunners, capturing the attention of consumers who are actively seeking ways to elevate their computing experiences. The popularity of these products is a testament to the evolving preferences of users who prioritize not just functionality but also a seamless and immersive interaction with their devices.

Vinay Shetty, Regional Director, Component Business at ASUS (India & South Asia), sheds light on the key trends that are poised to dominate the PC peripherals market. He said, “one of the key factors that will not only influence the PC peripherals market but the industry at large is the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Companies are increasingly recognizing the potential of AI in enhancing the user experience. For example, keyboards and mice are now designed to intelligently detect the specific game or application in use, adjusting settings based on learned user behavior. Similarly, advanced earphones are equipped to activate noise cancellation features, adapting to the user's location and ambient noise levels. The limitless possibilities presented by AI integration underscore its pivotal role in shaping the future of PC peripherals.

He further added, “Another crucial area highlighted by Vinay is the continuous advancement of technology. As industry standards evolve, consumers can anticipate improved performance metrics, enhanced battery life, and reduced latency, collectively contributing to an elevated gaming experience. This focus on technological progress reflects the commitment of ASUS to stay at the forefront of innovation, providing users with cutting-edge products that not only meet but exceed their expectations.”

“In essence, the trajectory of the PC peripherals market in India is marked by a dual emphasis on technological innovation and the integration of AI, both of which are set to define the future of computing experiences for enthusiasts, creators, and professionals alike. As consumers gear up for an era of enhanced performance and intelligent interaction with their devices, ASUS stands poised to lead the way with innovative products that embody the convergence of cutting-edge technology and user-centric design,” he concluded.

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