Acer Inaugurates Two New Flagship Predator Stores in Pune and Kolkata

Acer Inaugurates Two New Flagship Predator Stores in Pune and Kolkata

Acer has officially announced the grand opening of two new Predator stores, one located at Season Mall in Pune, and the other at E mall in Kolkata. These state-of-the-art stores are set to become the ultimate destinations for gaming enthusiasts in these vibrant cities.

With a commitment to delivering unparalleled gaming experiences and top-notch gaming products, Acer has launched these two new flagship Predator stores in Pune and Kolkata. These stores are specially designed to cater to the gaming community in India and provide gamers with an immersive shopping experience.

Acer Predator Store – Pune

The Predator store at Season Mall, Pune will offer a wide range of Acer's gaming laptops, desktops, monitors, and accessories. Customers will have the opportunity to test and explore Acer's Predator lineup, allowing them to make informed decisions based on their specific gaming needs.

Acer Inaugurates Two New Flagship Predator Stores in Pune and Kolkata
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Acer Predator Store – Kolkata

In Kolkata, the Predator store at E mall offers a similar gaming haven, providing gaming enthusiasts with access to cutting-edge Acer products designed for gaming excellence. Gamers will be able to experience gaming like never before with Acer's innovative products, expert guidance, and a personalized shopping experience.

As the gaming culture in India experiences exponential growth, Acer remains at the forefront in serving the gaming community by providing them with top-of-the-line gaming products. The opening of these dedicated Predator stores in Pune and Kolkata is a testament to Acer's dedication to the evolving needs of Indian gamers. With a wide array of cutting-edge gaming laptops, desktops, monitors, and accessories, these stores are designed to be the go-to destinations for gaming enthusiasts.

With a focus on retail expansion, Acer aims to make its products easily accessible to customers throughout the country. The brand's dedication to extending its reach underscores its desire to connect with and serve a broader audience. Acer's future endeavors revolve around expanding its presence with additional store openings and enriching its engagement with diverse customer segments.

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