Zoho Declares Winners of Low-code Hackathon 2023

Zoho Declares Winners of Low-code Hackathon 2023

Zoho Corporation announced the winners of the third edition of its global Low-code Hackathon. The Hackathon, which took place over three months starting from May 2023, was free for all to participate. The participants created industry-agnostic solutions to real-world problems using the company's flagship low-code platform, Zoho Creator.  

“A robust low-code platform equips both professional and citizen developers to quickly build and deploy applications. This agility is necessary for businesses to adapt to fast-changing market conditions. This Hackathon provides a platform for developers and enthusiasts to create innovative solutions, leveraging the power of low-code. It creates an environment of collaboration, co-creation, and innovation that brings together passionate individuals. It also helps us identify exceptional talent, from out-of-the-box thinkers to meticulous solution builders,” said Bharath Kumar B, Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, Zoho Creator.

The participants of the Hackathon also had the opportunity to enroll as certified developers to monetise their applications using Zoho Marketplace. This year, the top three winners emerged from India and took home gifts worth $10,000. Raju R K, Developer at Kinara Capital, from Chennai, bagged the first position with his Healthcare and Hospital Management solution which is a one-stop solution that streamlines processes pertaining to patients, doctors, and hospital administrators. 

Sahaya Angel Alexander, a homemaker from Nagarcoil, came in second for building a Course Management solution to help educational institutes streamline administrative tasks, enhance the learning experience for students, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of course delivery with features like progress checks and resource repositories. Snehal Bordekar, Technology Architect, from Mumbai, bagged the third spot with a social-impact-focused solution, Bharat Krishi, which provides farmers with access to real-time weather information, finance management tools, a job board for hiring workers, and a directory of irrigation technology and practices.

The annual Low-code Hackathon, which started in 2021, has garnered over 2,700 global registrations over the last three years. Developers from 15 countries, including India, the US, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, the UK, Argentina, and Canada, participated in the Hackathon this year.

Evaluation Process for the Hackathon:

The judges evaluate applications based on the following key criteria:

·       Business Use-Case of the App: Application are evaluated to see how well they address a real-world business problem or use-case. Judges assess the practicality and relevance of the app's functionality in solving the identified challenge effectively.

·       Criticality of Product Functionalities for the Use-Case: This criteria assess if the applications' functionalities align with the use-cases' core requirements. The extent to which the application fulfills critical business needs and provides valuable solutions, are evaluated.

·       Innovative Use of the Product: The degree of innovation demonstrated in the app is a crucial factor. Judges look for unique and creative implementations that showcase the full potential of Zoho Creator's features.

·       Error-Free Functionality: The submitted applications are tested for any technical issues or bugs.

·       Look/UI (User Interface): The user interface plays a significant role in user experience. Judges evaluate the app's visual design, user-friendliness, and overall aesthetics to ensure it provides an intuitive and engaging experience for end-users.

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