WeWork India Launches Space Management Solution for Large Organisations and Businesses

WeWork India Launches Space Management Solution for Large Organisations and Businesses

WeWork India announced the launch of their brand new space management tool ‘WeWork Workplace’, in collaboration with Yardi, a leading workspace management solution. WeWork Workplace is the only product in the market that can combine all space types (privately leased/owned, WeWork and WeWork shared/affiliate) within a single experience. Additionally, companies that may need overflow space will have the option to enable access to WeWork and WeWork affiliated locations for their employees globally.

At a time when India’s modern workforce with its evolving hybrid work culture faces a challenge of excess and underutilised office space, Workplace's software stands out as a comprehensive solution. It offers enterprises a streamlined approach to integrate and manage space as well as optimise portfolios,  along with access to 500+ WeWork workspaces on one platform. This leads to effective cost saving for enterprises with the help of real time data analytics. In a world where the dynamics of work have undergone significant shifts, Workplace will help manage the workforce as well as the workspace, leading to greater productivity.

The tech-enabled solution will further enhance the managed office segment, simplifying the digitisation of the workspace, and ensuring employees come in for meaningful collaborations. WeWork India will provide Workplace not only in its owned spaces but also at large technology parks in association with developers and directly for corporations for their occupied spaces. At present WeWork India is the only flex player with such an offering for managed offices. Workplace will help organisations manage their workforce rather than just workspace, and increase their productivity. 

Karan Virwani, CEO of WeWork India, said, "In an era where hybrid and flexible work culture take centrestage, space management plays a very crucial role for enterprises. There is an urgent need to scope out operational inefficiencies in a systematic manner, for businesses to thrive. Workplace is uniquely placed to help businesses optimise their functional office space requirements while elevating the office experience for its employees in an intentional way. It will facilitate real-time insights for data-driven decision-making. Our collaboration with Yardi, a renowned leader in real estate technology, underscores our commitment to delivering innovative solutions uniquely tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses."

WeWork Workplace includes several features that allow users to book desks and facilitate an effective office experience. Users can search for colleagues to discover their seating arrangements and plan their attendance schedule accordingly. With seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, Workplace enables users to conveniently book meeting rooms within the app. Not only that, it serves as a comprehensive central hub for daily scheduling and management, offering a convenient platform for important company announcements and real-time event updates.

Workplace not only enhances employee and member experience but also propels the industry forward by enabling businesses to optimise space. Being a people-first platform, Workplace is equipped to quickly adapt to organisational shifts and office space strategies, thus facilitating a future-ready approach to work.

Ahead of launching Workplace, WeWork India ran a pilot program which garnered positive feedback from various enterprises, signalling the need for such robust space management tools. Further to the pilot, there are currently 30 accounts in use by over 6000 members in India, and over 830+ accounts and over 151,000 members globally. With the introduction of WeWork Workplace, WeWork India reinforces its commitment towards enhancing member experience while also propeling the industry forward by enabling businesses to optimise space and embrace a future-ready approach to work. By driving innovation through customised product solutions, WeWork India will continue its growth trajectory in changing the landscape of flexible workspaces in the country.

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