ViewSonic Observing Significant Opportunities In Indian Market, Announced Strategic Expansion Plans

ViewSonic Observing Significant Opportunities In Indian Market, Announced Strategic Expansion Plans

ViewSonic Corp is witnessing tremendous growth and opportunities in the Indian market. Having a presence for over a decade in India, ViewSonic is set on making India an important market and developing an aggressive approach to strengthen its presence here. Mr James Chu, Founder & Chairman of ViewSonic, stated that they are looking for a strategic expansion plan in the most diversified and dynamic market.

India is one of the world's fastest-growing economies, with a large and increasingly tech-savvy population and robust economic growth. ViewSonic has scrutinised the Indian market closely from economic, consumer and Indian government perspectives. 

Mr James Chu, Founder & Chairman of ViewSonic shared, "To boost our strong presence in the Indian market, we are developing products and solutions that can meet the needs of businesses and individuals across sectors. Being into audio-visual space where technology played an imperative role, our team of experts and researchers witnessed a huge demand for transition in the education space. We entered the edtech space with a vision to build a comprehensive Education Ecosystem that seamlessly integrates hardware, software, and service solutions. In recent times, we have also build professional development (PD) programs for educators in India to give educators opportunities to continuously expand their skills, knowledge and hands-on the tools.

It meets educators' needs, empowering schools with the tools they need to deliver, captivating and personalized classroom experiences. We also recognize the importance of building and nurturing ecosystems.”

Driving significant growth in the education segment, ViewSonic retained its position as a Number 1 Interactive Flat Panel brand in India, holding 32.5% of the share in Q2, 2023, according to FutureSource Consulting. The company has maintained its position since 2020 (Q4). Additionally, ViewSonic also secured No. 1 position in the LED Projector segment in India.

With technology steeping strongly in the system, the edtech industry was born with innovation and efficiency. Over the past 15 years, edtech has captured the industry as both educators and learners witnessed several benefits, and technology has helped in boosting efficiency and accessibility. The education system in India is very diverse and is governed by various state governments, and includes a mix of private and public institutions. Seeing the trends globally, the education system in India is constantly evolving, and various reforms and initiatives are being implemented to address challenges and enhance the quality of education. 

ViewSonic is building a new edge to the education system and is developing a comprehensive education community ecosystem with collaborative tools – hardware, software and service solutions. Giving educators a free-hand to teach and use the content, ViewSonic also brings advanced solutions which are integrated, efficient and provide a seamless teaching methodology.

Mr Eric Wei, Asia Pacific General Manager at ViewSonic is also ecstatic about the Indian market as he sees the country's significant growth potential for companies operating in the technology and electronics sectors. He said, “With the growth of the IT sector, education technology, and corporate offices in India, there is a growing demand for visual solutions such as monitors, projectors, and interactive displays. We are committed to delivering the highest quality visual solutions across our entire product range. We believe that everyone deserves to experience the power of great visuals, and hence, we are constantly innovating to create products that are both visually stunning and user-friendly. Our edtech segment is thriving in India and we are witnessing a huge preference among educators. Furthermore, we have kicked off the initiative to work with local government to define the “Future Classroom”, identifying the needs of teachers and schools to deliver the best learning outcomes. Additionally, we see a huge demand for our home- entertainment products. The dynamic market like India, possesses several potentials and we aim to strengthen our position across segments.”

Furthermore, the company also offers the maximum extensive and affordable range of single cable solutions in the market for its monitor division, simplifying connectivity for our users. Also engaging with a wider audience for its monitor segment, the company has established connections with over 7000 dealers across India, providing them access to our wide-range product portfolio. Its extensive network of 235+ service centers across India is dedicated to fortifying partnerships with channel partners, ensuring support. Embracing its growth, ViewSonic also pioneered LED technology in its projection segment and is proud to be a leader in the adoption of sustainable technologies. The company expects that LED technology is the future of the AV industry, and is committed to helping customers create a greener future.

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