ViewSonic Named as No. 1 Brand in DLP Projector Market

ViewSonic Named as No. 1 Brand in DLP Projector Market

ViewSonic Corp is recognized as the No.1 brand in the Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors worldwide and a pioneer in adopting lamp-free light sources such as LED and laser in the B2B sector. Committed to sustainability, the company has been dedicated to developing Luminous Superior series lamp-free projectors, providing high brightness with more benefits than traditional lamps, such as better energy efficiency, extended lifespan, and eco-friendliness, making lamp-free projectors an accessible solution for businesses looking to enhance their sustainability efforts and meet Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements.

“ESG has become an increasingly critical issue, necessitating the involvement of governments, enterprises, and all individuals. ViewSonic also takes it seriously by following our commitment - foster a sustainable future - throughout strategic operations and product development,” said Dean Tsai, General Manager of Projector & LED Display Business Unit at ViewSonic. “We have set a five-year goal to accelerate global progress towards a carbon-neutral society by proactively increasing the proportion of lamp-free products to 70% and reducing the production of lamp-based products to around 30%.” 

Small Step, Big Impact: LS Series Paving the Way to a Greener Future

The LS series aligns with the SDG12 (Sustainable Development Goals) “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns” from the United Nations – especially encouraging energy-efficient light source adoption. Powered by the latest laser and LED technology, the LS series offers a wide range of brightness levels, from 2,000 to 6,000 ANSI Lumens, resulting in bright images with reduced power consumption. These lamp-free projectors minimize their carbon footprint and mitigate the drawbacks associated with lamp-based projectors, such as toxic mercury, frequent bulb replacements, and high maintenance costs. Moreover, LED and laser light sources operate without the need for warm-up or cool-down periods. This enables lamp-free projectors to be instantly powered on and off, significantly enhancing operational efficiency. Additionally, ViewSonic’s latest lamp-free projectors often feature a more compact and lightweight design, making them more flexible and easier to install.

The benefits are demonstrated through one of ViewSonic’s clients who transitioned from a 370W lamp projector, the PG800HD, to a 210W laser-based projector, the LS740HD, aiming for improved efficiency, cost savings, and reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Rated at the same 5,000 ANSI Lumens as the PG800HD, the LS740HD consumes 40% less power over 20,000 hours of use, resulting in COemissions savings equivalent to those produced by burning 171 gallons of gasoline. Furthermore, with the average electricity rate at $0.15 per kWh in the US, the company saves $480 on its electricity bill with each of these models.

In line with sustainability practices, lamp-free projectors boast an extended lifespan that surpasses that of lamp-based projectors. To illustrate, a lamp-based projector would need an additional 11 light bulbs to match the 60,000-hour lifespan of a single LED light source. Businesses gain significant advantages from opting for lamp-free projectors—not only in fulfilling their ESG commitments but also in reducing the total cost of ownership due to the extended lifespan of the light source. Furthermore, general consumers won't be exposed to toxic mercury in light bulbs or face costly lamp replacements, thus simplifying maintenance.

Join ViewSonic ESG Journey to Shape a More Sustainable Landscape Together

In addition to the LS series, ViewSonic has expanded carbon footprint measurements year by year, totaling 179 models this year. This expansion accelerates data collection efforts for integrating energy-saving and waste-reduction principles into product design. Furthermore, the company demonstrates unwavering commitment by requiring partners to achieve greenhouse gas verification and reduction certifications. By fostering the establishment of green supply chains, ViewSonic aims to progressively encourage ecosystem partners to join in working towards the 2050 net-zero goal.

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