Varonis Announces Salesforce Shield Integration for Unprecedented Data Security

Varonis Announces Salesforce Shield Integration for Unprecedented Data Security

Varonis Systems, Inc. announced during Dreamforce 2023 that the company is strengthening its Salesforce security product by integrating with the CRM giant’s built-in security offering, Salesforce Shield. Varonis can now pull in critical activity captured by Salesforce Shield and correlate it with Varonis' unique metadata to create powerful new threat detection and investigation capabilities.

Salesforce houses critical information such as customer records, support cases, price books, and revenue data for more than 150,000 companies worldwide. The combination of Varonis and Salesforce Shield helps organizations keep that data safe from insider threats and cyberattacks.

Varonis helps businesses understand their Salesforce data security posture in real time, ensure only the right people have access to crown-jewel data, automatically remediate misconfigurations, and detect suspicious activity. Together, Varonis and Salesforce Shield offer the most comprehensive Salesforce security on the market today.

“It’s up to SaaS vendors to secure their code and infrastructure, but it’s up to customers to manage and protect their own data,” said Jim Reavis, CEO and co-founder, Cloud Security Alliance. “Securing cloud data has never been more important and Salesforce hosts one of the most critical cloud data sets in the world.”

Varonis for Salesforce customers also benefit from Proactive Incident Response, an expert team of cybersecurity professionals who watch and investigate alerts on customers’ behalf. Varonis for Salesforce deploys in minutes — request your demo and read more about Varonis' integration with Salesforce Shield.

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