Universal Robots Presents Cobot Applications During Automation ExpoSouth 2023

Universal Robots Presents Cobot Applications During Automation ExpoSouth 2023

Universal Robots showcased their versatile cobot applications at Automation ExpoSouth 2023 in Chennai, South-East Asia's biggest automation & instrumentation exhibition in 15 years. The expo was held at Chennai Trade Centre from April 26th to 28th, 2023. The event brought together the best technical minds in the industry to showcase the latest innovations in the field of automation. 

Universal Robots (UR) showcased its robots with two of their trusted partners in India, Alstrut (stall no. C-22) which provides turnkey robotics and industrial automation solutions to discrete manufacturing industries, and Multivista (stall no. B-32), a global business focusing on integrated print solutions and industrial distribution & services, and the latest addition to Universal Robots’ ecosystem of partners. 

Commenting on the expo, Mr. Sougandh K.M., Sales Development Manager of India, Universal Robots, said, “The Indian manufacturing sector is amongst the fastest growing sectors of the economy, and it holds immense potential for collaborative automation. With the Indian government's push towards local manufacturing and initiatives such as the Make in India and PLI schemes, the sector is steadily moving towards more automated and process-driven manufacturing. As one of the leading players in the automation industry, Universal Robots is committed to its mission of enabling automation for all and creating a world where people work with robots, not like robots. We are thrilled to be a part of South-East Asia's biggest automation expo, hosted in Chennai, a hub for electronics manufacturing services, where we showcased our latest cobot applications.” 

Cobot applications on display include: 

Cobots in Machine Tending

A lightweight and adaptable cobot with a payload of 5 kg, Universal Robots’ UR5 can tackle medium-duty machine tending applications with ultimate flexibility. At the event, it was fitted with pneumagiQ, an universal pneumatic gripper interface that can plug and play two pneumatic grippers from any brand gripper to the Universal Robots’ cobots. 

Cobots in Welding 

A simple-to-use robotic welding solution, Universal Robots’ UR5 works in tandem with ESAB welding systems to solve challenges in demanding environments, including industries with a high mix of low-volume parts. It allows for increased output and productivity, without additional manpower and in a small footprint.  

Cobots in assembly, picking, placing and testing 

Highly flexible and designed for seamless integration into a wide range of applications, Universal Robots’ UR5e is ideal for automating low-weight, repetitive and collaborative processes such as assembly, picking, placing and testing.   

Cobots in packaging and palletising 

A versatile cobot with a payload of up to 12.5 kg, Universal Robots’ UR10e has a long reach of 1,300 mm and a 6-axis robot arm, well suited for a wide range of repetitive applications. UR showcased how UR10e was fitted with a gripper to automate material handling tasks, relieving workers from repetitive work and heavy lifting

Commenting on the expo Mr Anuj Bihani, Managing Director, Alstrut said: “This expo is a great opportunity to meet many like-minded businesses who value the benefits of collaborative automation and ready to take their production to the next level. UR cobots have helped many businesses with both efficiency and effectiveness while providing workers upgrades in their quality of life on the job, and we are excited to showcase these cobot solutions.” 

Another partner Mr Deepak Subramaniam, Managing Director of Multivista said, “Cobots reduce the strain of repetitive tasks and allow staff to focus on work which requires a human touch. We are excited to be partnering with UR and look forward to exploring more innovative automation solution with UR in the years to come.” 

At the two booths, Universal Robots’ cobots demonstrated the automation of various repetitive tasks to improve efficiency and quality consistency in the production process, ranging from machine tending and welding, to assembly, picking and placing. These cobots can be integrated with innovative grippers and come with easy-to-program interfaces for easy reprogramming and redeployment.  

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