Tsaaro Hosts Data Privacy Week Event to Boost Indian Privacy Landscape

Tsaaro Hosts Data Privacy Week Event to Boost Indian Privacy Landscape

To celebrate Data Privacy Day every year, Tsaaro is all set to host its first flagship Data Privacy Week event from January 23 to January 28. The aim of the event is to create a meaningful impact on the Indian privacy landscape. This event is designed to welcome discussions and ideas that highlight the future of data privacy and protection, with a focus on effective enforcement in the digital markets.

Privacy is an individual right and receives its paramount protection under various regulations, globally. But we still get consumed by practices that may circumvent our security and cause a leak that may become a fountain. The world today is akin to being adaptive, yet the challenges to privacy keep us away from the goal of protecting our data. It is about the efficiency of raising awareness around the information privacy ecosystem, our rights as individuals, and our obligations as organizations. It is about proactiveness at all levels and fostering a culture that we can trust and be vigilant about at the same time

Commenting on the same, Akarsh Singh, co-founder and CEO of Tsaaro, said, “ We are a data protection organization, and believe in privacy-first-culture, for all our audiences. We actively take constant efforts in the form of initiatives to educate and empower people upon aspects of privacy and governance of the same. We strive towards transforming the space with more such promising initiatives coming your way.” 

To support the motive behind the celebration of Data Privacy Week, Tsaaro is conducting a series of events in the presence of imminent industry leaders. Tsaaro will organize multiple round-table conferences to discuss the important nuances of privacy. The round table conferences will further this intention by initiating discussions amongst different industry leaders bringing to the forefront newer ideas and opinions. The esteemed panel of the roundtable will consist of four industry leaders and a moderator. There are seven round table conferences planned for the week with the industry stakeholders to bring our discussions on various topics such as "Choosing the Right Privacy Solution for your Organization", "Ensuring Privacy in Product Development", "Balancing Data Usability And Data Privacy", "The Cost of Compliance for DPDP Bill & How to Navigate it", "Impact of the DPDP Bill on the Telecom Industry", "Leading Women In Privacy" and "D2C Businesses & Privacy".

To acknowledge and recognise people for making an impact in the world of privacy through their extraordinary contributions, relentless efforts, noteworthy commitments, and par excellence leadership in the field of data privacy, Tsaaro, as a part of Privacy Week, is also awarding such people from the industry for their contribution and efforts. There is an external panel of jury members from the industry who, based on the criteria for various awards, will present and recognise the individual based on the nominations made for them.

As a part of Tsaaro’s constant efforts to bring awareness and help organizations develop a privacy culture, it is also providing free key giveaways such as a privacy awareness training module, privacy wordplay, a privacy awareness poster, and a compliance guide to the new Digital Personal Data Protection Bill of India for all.

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