Synology Unveil Next-Gen Storage Solutions for Media & Entertainment

Synology Unveil Next-Gen Storage Solutions for Media & Entertainment

Synology is proud to announce a strategic partnership with its India local partner, Data Skill Systems, to present Synology's innovative storage solutions for the media and entertainment industry. As part of this collaboration, Data Skill Systems will also be unveiling its new Experience Center, dedicated to showcasing Synology's comprehensive range of storage solutions.

The Experience Center, located in Andheri (West), is set to open its doors on June 7th, 2023. This state-of-the-art facility will provide a hands-on environment for visitors to explore and experience the advanced features and functionalities of Synology's acclaimed products. The Experience Center aims to demonstrate how Synology's solutions can optimize workflows, enhance data management, and streamline operations within the media and entertainment sector.

"We are excited to partner with Data Skill Systems to showcase our cutting-edge storage solutions tailored specifically for the media and entertainment industry," said Russell Chen, Regional Sales Manager at Synology. "With the exponential growth of digital content and the increasing demand for reliable and scalable storage solutions, our collaboration with Data Skill Systems will provide an ideal platform for customers to witness firsthand how Synology's products can transform their workflows and empower their businesses."

The Experience Center will highlight key Synology solutions that are particularly relevant to the media and entertainment sector, including Active Backup for Business, Drive, and Surveillance Station. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness how Synology's comprehensive ecosystem seamlessly integrates with various applications, enabling efficient data management and secure backup solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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