Semicon India 2023: Micron’s Investment to Generate 5,000 New Jobs, Says CEO Sanjay Mehrotra

Semicon India 2023: Micron’s Investment to Generate 5,000 New Jobs, Says CEO Sanjay Mehrotra

Micron Technologies announce to make an investment of Rs 825 million across two project phases, acknowledging substantial backing from both the state and central governments. When the combined investment by Micron and the government is considered over these two phases, it could potentially reach up to $2.75 billion.

Micron CEO Sanjay Mehrotra was addressing the Semicon India Event 2023 and stated that these investments will create 15,000 jobs and 5,000 direct jobs. He kept on adding the fact that this investment is going to be the first considerate investment in the Indian semiconductor market.

The Semicon India event successfully provided in-depth insight into modern chip-making technologies and developments in this industry.

On the opening of the Gujrat facility, Mehrotra exclaimed that this is the first of such an initiative in India, the process involves converting wafers into finished products, integrating circuit packages and modules, and creating solid-state storage solutions destined for customers worldwide.

"Gujarat is a tremendous compliment for Micron's assembly lines. We plan to begin phased construction later this year. The first 5,00,000 square feet will be operational in late 2024. We will increase manufacturing over time. Second phase similar could start in the second half of the decade," Mehrotra said.

"The government's support will help fund the project and help facilitate access to essential semiconductor resources. This will then drive innovation and enhance local talent development," said he.

“On behalf of the Micron global team, I am proud to be here today to represent Micron’s commitment to building a semiconductor assembly and test facility for memory, right here in Gujrat. It is a first for India and the first major semiconductor company investment in the nation. Micron is very proud to lead the way here,” he said.

“Our team here in Gujrat will transform DRAM and Nand memory Die into finished component packages, memory modules, and solid-state storage drives ready to ship to end customers here in India as well as all across the world,” he continued.   

“Our India facility of manufacturing alongside our other global manufacturing sites will help us need the growing demand. We estimate our product in Gujrat will create nearly 5000 direct jobs plus an additional 15,000 jobs in the community over the coming years,” he stated. In the end, Mr. Mehrotra concluded his address by thanking everyone involved in making this come true.

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