Samsung Collaborates With Micron For Cutting-Edge AI Experience In Galaxy S24 Series

Samsung Collaborates With Micron For Cutting-Edge AI Experience In Galaxy S24 Series

Micron Technology, Inc. announced that Samsung has incorporated Micron’s low-power double data rate 5X (LPDDR5X) memory and Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 4.0 mobile flash storage into select devices in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, which introduces powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to mobile users around the world. The Galaxy S24 series is underpinned by Samsung’s suite of generative AI tools, Galaxy AI, which helps amplify experiences from enabling barrier-free communication to maximizing creative freedom.

As these data- and energy-intensive features push the limits of smartphones’ hardware capabilities, Micron’s LPDDR5X memory and UFS 4.0 storage provide critical high-performance capabilities and power efficiency to deliver these AI experiences at the edge. Select Samsung Galaxy S24 devices across the S24 Ultra, S24+ and S24 models are shipping with LPDDR5X and UFS 4.0 — the most recent innovations in Micron’s robust mobile portfolio. Micron’s LPDDR5X is the industry’s only mobile-optimized memory offering the advanced capabilities of the 1β (1-beta) process node, while Micron’s UFS 4.0 offers leadership performance and power to store growing amounts of data in today’s AI-driven smartphones.

"Micron’s advanced portfolio of memory and storage solutions were selected to power the innovative Galaxy AI capabilities Samsung is pioneering in the new Galaxy S24 series,” said Mark Montierth, corporate vice president and general manager of Micron’s Mobile Business Unit. “By delivering the critical performance and energy efficiency needed at the edge, Micron’s LPDDR5X and UFS 4.0 solutions are unlocking an unprecedented level of AI-enabled capabilities for Galaxy users.”

Samsung’s Galaxy AI streamlines communication with intelligent features offering two-way, real- time voice and text translations, even during live phone conversations. The Galaxy S24 series also was the first to introduce Circle to Search with Google, a feature that allows users to see fast, thorough search results by using intuitive gestures like circling or highlighting images or text on their screens — no jumping between apps required. The series also boasts Galaxy’s ProVisual Engine, a suite of creativity and image capturing tools that use AI to help users get the most from their content at every step in the creative journey.

“Galaxy AI is leading the way into a new era that will forever change how mobile devices empower users. It’s breaking barriers to communication, amplifying creativity and meaningfully enhancing how we use our phones every single day,” said Inkang Song, vice president and head of technology strategy team at Samsung. “Collaborating with a like-minded innovator like Micron has helped us deliver the benefits of AI without compromising on speed and power — ultimately bringing never-seen-before intelligent experiences to people around the world.”

This announcement complements Micron’s release today of an enhanced version of its UFS 4.0 solution at Mobile World Congress with breakthrough proprietary firmware features in the world’s most compact package for managed NAND. Together, these launches extend Micron’s mobile leadership and accelerate artificial intelligence experiences at the edge for smartphone users.

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