Salesforce Reveals 90% of Indian Customers Believe Experience is Crucial as Products and Services

Salesforce Reveals 90% of Indian Customers Believe Experience is Crucial as Products and Services

Salesforce released the new State of the Connected Customer report, sharing insights from 14,300 consumers and business buyers across 25 countries — including 650 from India.

The report uncovers how AI, digital transformation, and macroeconomic trends are reshaping customer expectations and behaviors across the buying lifecycle.

Key insights from the research include:

●      A Changing World Shakes Up Expectations. Economic and technological shifts are changing customer priorities, behaviors, and expectations. The pressure is on for brands to step up.

○      76% of customers in India expect companies to understand their needs as they change.

○      93% of customers in India expect faster service as technology advances.

●      Experience Remains Crucial Amidst Bargain Seeking. Brands have ample opportunity to compete on more than price.

○      90% of consumers in India say the experience a company provides is just as important as its products and services.

○      63% of consumers in India switched brands at least one in the past year.

○      Top 3 reasons consumers switch brands in India: Product Quality, Better Deals, Customer Service

●      Generative AI Evokes Curiosity Above All. Customers have a variety of feelings about the rise of generative AI. However, in all 25 countries surveyed, “curiosity” is among the top 3.

○      Top 3 customer sentiments around generative AI in India: Excitement, Hope, Curiosity

●      Trust Is Paramount as AI Expands. Customers expect transparency as companies ramp up their use of AI.

○      74% of customers in India are concerned about companies using AI unethically.

○      65% of customers in India say greater visibility into AI's use would deepen their trust.

○      90% of customers in India say it’s important to know whether they're communicating with AI or a human.

Comments on the news:

Deepak Pargaonkar, VP - Solution Engineering, Salesforce India, said, “The significance of delivering a cohesive customer experience cannot be overstated. As companies increasingly integrate AI across their business, customers are grappling with concerns around responsible use of the technology. It is imperative that companies differentiate their technology strategies, grounding them in trust and human connection.”

Mankiran Chowhan, VP - Enterprise Business, Salesforce India, said, “Customers today expect companies to anticipate their needs and provide proactive assistance, yet such service is rare, leaving customers feeling that the quality of service they receive is left to chance. Brands are prompted to prioritize consistency, efficiency, and a human touch with personalization being the tenet of modern customer engagement.”

Akhil Duggal, Head - Customer Experience, Atomberg Technologies, said, “For us, delivering superior customer experience is one of the pillars on which brand Atomberg is built. Customers have evolved, and being connected to your customer is an imperative. We’ve leveraged technology to ensure employees have what they need to create more human and real experiences for our customers which has been a key differentiator.”

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